Styling tips for him: what to wear on New Year’s Eve


The fireworks, the dancing, the rivers of prosecco and other silly things are what you are up against when putting together a look during the party season: you want to be elegant, but not too much. Casual, but not too casual. Playful, but not too playful. So, would you like to hear some facts on what to wear on New Year’s Eve? We are here for that

Play with blazers

Rule number one of New Year’s Eve outfit club: wear a playful blazer. Black isn’t the only option for you during the festive season, plus, with the revival of so many long gone eras, it is much easier to get hold of some real cool blazers, which you can spot for their original and bold patterns. First in line: checks, then blue velvet and some Jared Leto’s out of this world prints.

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Forget shirts, bring turtlenecks in

We have already given you plenty of guidelines in how to be elegant even without wearing a shirt: we think that New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity for you to switch to smooth and sophisticated turtleneck pullovers in exchange of shirts. Your party outfit will be elegant, manly, yet with a touch of casual.

Biker jacket and fancy Tee

What about all of you party animals? What are you going to wear this New Year’s Eve that is cool, street, urban and makes all your moves possible? The answer is in the biker jacket, whether you go for a warmer leather one or a high tech textile, it simply the best way to turn up at party – we mean party party.

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What about jeans? Go lighter

One of the best ideas for this New Year’s Eve party looks is to actually stick to jeans at the only condition that you opt for a lighter pair of jeans. Distressed the heck out of New Year’s Eve outfits with a pair of distressed jeans and something darker on top, weather a sleek pullover or a glossy shirt.

Absolute comfort? Jogger pants

There are jogger pants and jogger pants: we have never seen a pair of tracksuit bottoms (!), so we can only be referring to those stylish jogger pants that you can easily pair with a blazer. Whether you choose them for comfort or just to create a fun look, we are totally with you on this one, as on New Year’s Eve this is the kind of easy to wear look is what you should be going for.

Play with contrasts

This year styling trends that you can’t help but follow is the one of playing with contrasts, and when it comes to creating a look for New Year’s Eve party you simply have to bear in mind this rule to get it right. Oversize goes with skinny, rough goes with soft, light goes with dark, sporty goes with elegant – and by now you should have got the gist even if you are not into fashion at all.

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