Stylish Hoodie Outfits For Him


With the rise of street fashion, gone are the days when wearing a hoodie was related to being an athlete, a gangster or a rap artist. The first question that comes to mind when you think of hoodie outfits is how to style a hoodie. Are you an oversized hoodie outfit or streamlined hoodie outfit kind of person? Can you wear a hoodie with just sneakers or your favourite dress shoes?

Well, worry not! The D360 team is here to the rescue! Pick up helpful information as we share tips on how to slay your hoodie style, as this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Hoodie with the denim jacket

Pairing a hoodie with a denim jacket is a stylish way to wear hoodie outfits. A pullover hoodie is vital for a smooth and comfortable style, while a zip-up hoodie will give you a more slim-fitted style. For an edgier look, you can always use a distressed jean jacket with hoodie.


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Hoodie with the tailored jacket

Who says you can’t do a hoodie with a tailored jacket? This very unconventional hoodie style says sleeker than your average intellect and should be matched with a pair of tailored pants and shoes or jeans and sneakers. Let’s bear in mind that as most tailored jackets are slim fitted, the hoodie you choose should be slim fit as well and better the zip up style.


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Hoodie with the coat

A beautiful coat is always a nice added touch as the outer part of a layered hoodie outfit. Apart from keeping you warm, the coat gives you a sophisticated look to your overall hoodie outfit. A double-breasted coat is also perfect with this look. Moreover, you can also have a plain coat in strong, basic colours such as black, tan, or grey, or patterned like houndstooth, checks or plaids.


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Hoodie with the bomber jacket

Due to the ‘puffiness’ of bomber jackets, it’s always better to have a hoodie with less volume underneath to avoid too much bulk or better said, to avoid looking like a bloated puffer fish. For a clean finish, let the lengths of both your hoodie and bomber jacket sit a little below your waist. Don’t go for overly embellished pieces, if you want designs in your hoodie outfit, remember that less is more and stick to coordinating colour combinations.


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The stand-alone hoodie

You can always wear a hoodie as a stand-alone jacket. In warmer seasons, pair a light hoodie with a tee shirt, and in colder seasons, choose thicker hoodies.


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Hoodie with the leather jacket

The leather jacket/hoodie combo is a must do if you are into edgy or grunge looks. If paired with black jeans, it gives a biker or rocker vibe, while a pair of blue jeans tones it down to a more urban look. Boots and sneakers both go very well with this look.


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Extra! Extra!

– Try to stay away from super graphic hoodies. They are major hoodie style killers

– Pullover hoodies look smarter than zip-up hoodies when worn alone

– Do not touch costume or comedy hoodies with a long pole!

– Cashmere or luxe fabric hoodies are a win if paired with a suit or alone for mature and luxurious hoodie outfits

– Don’t follow the crowd. Pick hoodies you are comfortable in and colours that complement you and the clothes you already have

– An oversized hoodie outfit should not be too overwhelming. Get the right proportion for your size

– With suited hoodie outfits, black, navy blue and grey are perfect for dark jackets, or you could go monochrome

– Pure cotton hoodies have a higher quality and are more durable

– Finally, leave your sandals and slippers at home!