Sunglasses 2018: the shapes of all shades


You may have come to the understanding some of D360 editorial team is based in Italy and if there’s one particular stereotype about Italians we are not raging about is the one depicting us as always wearing shades, including winter. Why do we do it? The general consensus on this is one is that ‘shades make you look cool’.

Well, it depends.


That’s why we are about to bring you the trends on sunglasses for this summer 2018 and how not to interpret them.

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Dapper Dan signed these Gucci shades, the cool touch that completed the look for his Met Gala appearance: why are we talking about these shades? Just to show you the extent to which such an ‘accessory’ can change the signature of a look. The famous 80s designer serves us as some inspo on how to wear oversized glasses, whether you are a boy or a girl.

And if we look at other cool Gucci shades, how not to mention the one chosen as stage wear by Sir Elton John, the iconic aviator shape is reinterpreted and coloured lightly as the British singer has always sported them.

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From one kind of man to the complete opposite: but we have got to sort of explain why we have chosen that picture of Princess Ann wearing pearls, tweed and Adidas super sporty shades. She alone is launching the trend of cool sporty shades and these reflecting sunglasses, which you can wear for sport of for the most regal ceremonies you can think of.

Pit Viper sunglasses also sign these Instagram photos, we guess celebrating metallic textures this time. The payoff should read something along the line of ‘Look into my eyes’. Anyhow, this is to say that a sporty frame (adjustable for top performance) and lenses kind of can be perfectly styled for femininity – or sensuality. And matching nails.

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Besides sporty sunglasses trending this summer 2018 we have also spotted rather geometric frames, that come in pastel colours or even white. The whole look here is conceived starting from that pastel pink, exquisitely.

The triangular shape is also the one chosen by singe Dua Lipa: her distinctive facial features, as in the thick black brows and plump lips are perfectly matched with the symmetries of her bob. This is how a non-oversized type of sunglasses must be taken, something we had already spotted on Bella Hadid’s feed on her Coachella’s outfits.

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Similarly, sister Gigi is telling us that this summer 2018 sunglasses trend is in reducing in size and investing in pointy shaped frames, which here are somehow what makes her perfect and natural beauty stand out.

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Un post condiviso da Vogue Eyewear (@vogueeyewear) in data:

Sun kissed is one way of describing how this other geometry, a smaller rectangular frame, and light-coloured lenses are going to be this year’s sunglasses trend. Let your hair down and put that foot down on the accelerator, girl!

Our fave model of now, Hailey Baldwin, is on the other side of planet beautiful women and she’s going for oversized, but it’s all about that retro vibe. You can see it in the golden and black frame, something we can consider as a modern interpretation of Jackie O signature sunglasses.

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Now, on a planet we would like to be hit by an asteroid there’s probably the best example of how not to style yourself, including the sunglasses. We love a bit of swearing and hooking up once in a while and sure we have a thing for accents, but Geordie shore star Chloe has taken the oversized sunglasses concept a bit too literally. Was she trying to go as oversized as her duck lips ? (we are still working out how to call the other implants she’s “wearing”).

And then with her fellow mates she’s gathered up in one single snap how to possibly get everything wrong, head to toe. Let’s limit to what’s going on her face: never mind the hand painted eyebrows on fleek, but doesn’t she realise that oversized  type of sunglasses is actually squeezing her nostrils? Oh, wait. We are gathering they are doing it on purpose.

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