Useful codes



T-shirt and music is an inseparable duo. Some of these t-shirts, over time, became “something else”: they trascended the material and symbolic value linked to music to become, thanks to a process of difficult comprehension, true style “icons”. With no borders.”

Wu-Tang Clan

Collective. Superband. Forge of talents. Rap&NewYork&HongKong. Wu Tang Clan originates in Staten Island to combine west and east in a musical mix blending rap language and martial arts, kung fu in particular. The reason why the t-shirt with their logo became a timeless success, passed on from generation to generation, is still a mystery. Maybe also for the many members of the Wu Tang Clan itself.

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth have been an “intelligent”, “cult”, “niche”, “alternative” band. For this reason, maybe, still today, 30 years after the release of their “DayDream Nation”, the distinctive record of their musical career, wearing their t-shirts unconsciously gives the feeling of being intelligent and alternative. “Cult”, as a result.


After Kurt, the Nirvana of Nirvana. This t-shirt becomes mandatory and timeless. The “acid” generation marries the “grunge” one, and with writing and a drawing, the t-shirt is transformed from a tribute, to a symbol, and finally to an icon. It is worn as sloppy pajamas, as an accessory for an informal gathering, as an expressive code for mute dialogues.


The writing RAMONES with the round symbol of the band often peeps out of important shirts or rebellious jackets. In its extra-large size it is often used by girls as an evening dress in summer-festive occasions at La Voile Rouge or in Ibiza. Washed out, faded, ruined: just like the 4 components of the band, it’s a clear sign, a warning: “let’s go!”