Takeaway trends and brands from White Street Market 2019


Celebrating street culture as a whole, from fashion aesthetics, sneaker culture, sportswear and athleisure as well as the pops of colours and pumping beats of its art and electronic music sets, the second edition of White Street Market in Milan also centered on another topic close to Millennials: sustainability.

We have been snooping around White Street Market from the 12th to the 14th of January and this is what caught our eye.

HAIRY FOOLS ‘s graffiti fashion

The Hairy Fools is a duo graffiti artist from California and their display at WSM’s BASE, an industrial space of Ansaldo in via Tortona, was a 4-hand job wall art: Dee worked on the Avatar nose faces from the left whilst Evan Rossell took care of the hairy faces on the right. Their collections feature denim and tees where it is possible to spot some of the details of their art, such as the eye of the goofy creature, the hairy one.

Sports codes

Streetwear is all about sportswear, let’s be frank; and that’s why 2019’s edition of WSM saw some of the most popular sports brands that in recent times have turned to streetwear, luxury streetwear. They are FILA, who presented here the sneaker Disruptor, which involved Bodega Rose in their “Build your FILA planter”, a workshop where flower pots were built using Fila sneakers; other sports brands included Kappa and New Balance, who together with Special Sneakers Club revisited the iconic model 997 under the perspective of an artist and the concept ‘Build your New Balance 997’.

Benklark’s basketball codes

Made in France, the concept explored by Benklark’s aesthetic is to create ‘off -court’ basketball inspired streetwear, made with fine materials: a 100% silver satin shirt or injections of neoprene on a camo corduroy shirt are amongst the elements presented at WSM 2019.

FILVOLUME Primitive Skateboarding – Belgium

2020 will be the year in which what was always seen only as the expression of a subculture, of rebel teens and identified with the image of street, will become an Olympic sport: Tokyo 2020 will in fact be the first Olympic games featuring skateboarding amongst the sports and WSM picked up on this soon-to-be great change in the industry, the one dedicated to streetwear. At 2019’s edition of White Street Market was filed with live exhibitions as well as skateboards collection at The Skateroom, which also hosted the launch of Primitive Skateboarding Belgium 1978’s book, a story of how this sport changed the culture in Belgium in the 70s.

Made in Italy by Crane

One of the main objectives of WSM, organised with the support of Milan City Council, is to promote, encourage and make heard some of the best and most creative emerging brands coming from the Milan area: Crane falls perfectly in this category, as it focuses on a 100% made in Italy product.

RBRSL ‘s rubber and soul

Unique pieces made in Piticchio, Italy were on display as well amongst the emerging brands representing the so-called sneaker culture, and their blend of rubber and leather, hand made and machine made.

Street Accessories

See through PVC  and the distinctive colours pinched from workwear and renown delivery services are in The Bags’ DNA, a brand originating from Italy too.

Visuals @WSM

On top of the beats by Club to Club the atmosphere at White Street Market 2019 had the input of different screenings, starting from the documentary ‘We Margiela’, which was introduced by the talk with FFFMilan curator Gloria Maria Cappelletti.


Not only a matter of fashion, the topic of zero waste and energy saving is also close to the beauty industry and amongst the brands spotted at White Street Market Oway have showcased extreme attention to the use of natural ingredients, processed so that they do not impact negatively on the environment, as they originate from biodynamic agriculture. They also use only recyclable packaging as well as fair trade ingredients.


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