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The best artists to follow on Instagram in 2019


One of the services Instagram can provide us with is feeds and feeds of emerging artists, fresh aesthetic s and cool talents that would probably go unnoticed otherwise. Acting as a launch pad for all those rising painters, photographers, sculptors and illustrators who are establishing a name on the international scene of contemporary art, Instagram is the place to be if you are trying to come out as an artist.

We have been snooping around and gathered some of the artists to follow on Instagram, those profiles acting as the real showstopper amongst the endless feeds available online.


Koty 2, aka Bibi and Jacob, is one of best Instagram accounts to follow this 2019: their most remarkable project that will have you tapping is called New Renaissance, an artwork that blends famous paintings from that era with their own fashion portraits and photos. From the Monna Lisa to A lady with an Ermine, the quirky puzzle will have you dazzled.  


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Justin Dingwall is a photographer from South Africa and his monochromatic portraits featuring rather unique model create a visual contrast that make him one of the best artists to follow on Instagram.


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Painter Aykut Aydogdu specialises in the ‘dilemmas of the daily life’: his portraits of women express the inside torments of a soul, or better the emotions these situations might trigger in those who experience them. Born in 1986 in Ankara, Turkey, Aykut’s one of the best artists on Instagram.


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A surrealist painter whose motto is in these words:

I paint astronauts and, sometimes, dinosaurs.

And yes, that is what to be found in his works: astronauts who have landed on earth, or even who are trying to escape modern consumerism and the contradictions of our planet. Name a food chain, it is there, envisioned in a surrealistic post-apocalyptic scenario.


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Amongst the artists to follow on Instagram we would like you to take a look at the sculptures of Forest Rogers, or as he calls them, his ‘Fantastical Beings’. After studying stage design at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA and receiving a BFA in Stage Design, and an MFA in Costume Design, his journey has led him to the creation of stunning pieces, including this ‘ancestor of sea-fragments’ in kato polyclay, with garnets.


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Since the Industrial Revolution, human expansion and resource consumption has grown, leading many creatures to live within stressed ecosystems. Through climate change and habitat loss, we find ourselves affecting the wellbeing of plants, animals and the wild lands around us.

Crystal Morey is one of the artists to follow on Instagram as her ‘creatures’ are immersed in a mesmerizing aura, a distortion of reality you cannot help but feeling drawn to; she is a ceramic sculptor based in Oakland, California.


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Moon is her pen name and she is an illustrator who started out when she first discovered the practice of graffiti: she has also been working as graphic designer and artistic director before focusing on establishing her name as an artist with her drawings.


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Animal symbolism, biology, mythology, and cosmology have always been intriguing to me. My
attraction to these topics have compelled me to find a way to create images that combine elements from these dissimilar fields to shape a universe that reflects my unique understanding of the interconnectivity of life.

Lauren’s illustrations centre on animals; she draws with pen, watercolor, coloured pencil and gel pen as well as graphite. Her subjects are birds, rabbits and other ‘common’ animals, which she takes them from their bucolic reality and transports them to the realms of surrealism.


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Joel Rea is a surrealist painter from Australia: his romanticism and boldness have led him to be amongst the finalists of the 2018 Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney, but over his 13 years of art he has achieved many other awards.

In his  ‘‘The Pursuit of Desire’ post on Instagram he asks his followers:

Which song comes to mind when you see this image? Music usually comes into my mind when I see artworks, let me know if your the same?


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Japanese artist Kazuhiro Hori draws portraits of Japanese girls: at a first glance they seem expressing their carefree spontaneity, but on a closer look it’s the adolescent conflict that wins over pink blissfulness and cute animals. The artist stated in an interview with Metal Magazine about his ‘teenage nightmares’ drawings:

I tend to have a negative perception of others, of society and of the future. I am poor at socializing and speak from my heart. I think that such a personality has an influence on the art I create.


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