The best gifts for book lovers


Book lovers are the best people to buy presents for, aren’t they? Yes, because the best gifts for book lovers, guess what, can only be books. The only issue with gift ideas for book lovers is that it takes some knowing the person you are about to buy a book for almost inside out if you don’t want to fail at it: knowing their taste in books is for sure essential in approaching the endless catalogues of the endless best book to gifts to find online and in stores. Is it thrillers they are into? Or fantasy? Sci-fi? Drama? Autobiographies?

Whatever book genre the people you want to find the best books to gift are into, make sure that what you are about to choose for them has either got high reviews, or falls in the category of latest best sellers, and at Christmas, the array of gifts for book lovers increases as much as the number of books released just under a month prior to the big ‘unwrapping date’.

We have looked into the latest book gifts for any book lover as well as those must haves anyone who likes reading can’t go without in their bookshelves.

Best books of 2018:

Becoming Michelle Obama – by Michelle Obama

Amongst the gifts for book lovers, this autobiography is one of the most inspiring pieces of writing released in 2018. The story of how Michelle Obama became one of the icons of modern days, the first African American woman to serve as First Lady in history: a private story, made of some her most intimate family moments as well as her path as a child living in Chicago to taking residency at the White House.

Cherry: A Novel – by Nico Walker

There are people who read to escape boredom, there are others who, to kill time, instead of reading books, actually write books. But killing time is a very reductive motif behind Nico Walker’s work: he grabbed a typewriter while serving time for bank robbery and started this enticing novel about an Army Medic. Sentenced to 11 years to spend in prison, Nico Walker was himself an Army Medic too: in the book the character turns to drugs to cope with reality after the scars the war in Iraq left. An autobiographical inspired story that makes up as one of the best gifts for book lovers this Christmas – as well as any other time.

Sexographies – by Gabriela Wiener

The number of book gifts on sex is endless too, but this is one is actually rather enlightening. It comes as the first work by Peruvian journalist who ends up meeting a controversial figure in Lima: he is Ricardo Badani and, together with his six wives, they have shocked a nation. This alone makes up for an excellent story on its own, but what the type ‘erotica’ explored by Badani in Wiener’s report will have you asking some serious questions too. Amongst gift ideas for book lovers, this is a fun and extravagant read that would suit any BFF.

Best Sci-fi books:

The Blazing World and Other Writings – by Margaret Cavendish

2018’s most buzzed word? Feminism. So wouldn’t it it be great if this topic could be looked at under a different light? The Blazing World and Other Writings is one of the best book gifts for sci fi lovers as it focuses on a feminist utopia in which a woman from earth travels to another planet: here she becomes the empress of a world inhabited by half-human half-animal species. Bear in mind this book was published in 1666, so it really stands as a precursor for the modern conception of the word feminism.

Cinder - by Marissa Meyer

We have all heard of artificial intelligence and how it managed to enter in our lives in original ways: from AI models, singers and entire art exhibition, the world seems to have finally welcomed the man-made humans (allow us). In Marissa Meyer’s novels, the most famous fairy tales of all time are reinterpreted in a dystopian version and Cinder is of course Cinderella’s cyborg version. One of the best book gifts for those who like sci- fi but also some of good old stories, even from childhood.

Best Romantic books:

Call Me by Your Name – by Andrè Ciman

The book behind the movie directed by Luca Guadagnino is one of the most accurate gifts for book lovers for those who love cinema as much as reading, that type of people who always end up saying ‘the book was much better than the movie’, in the end. The novel tells a lover story, the  summer romance and what this led to between a 17-year-old American-Italian Jewish boy and a 24-year-old scholar from America.

Darker – by E L James

Not only Fifty Shades of Grey, you can read all about the life of Christian Grey before Ana in Darker, one of the best romantic books to read for those who are into this sexy-erotica type of narrative.

Bared to You – Sylvia Day

Not only Fifty Shades of Grey, you can read all about the life of Christian Grey before Ana in Darker, one of the best romantic books to read for those who are into this sexy-erotica type of narrative.

Best psychological thriller books

The Practice of Deceit - by Elizabeth Benedict

No one is saying that psychological thrillers are the best books to gift to him, but we guess it’s easier to get it right with the Practice of Deceit: Eric is a psychotherapist and he lives the life of the eternal bachelor in Manhattan. When he meets a stylish lawyer, he is willing to eschew this and settling down to a quiet life. But there’s a hidden past that might threaten this idyllic scenario.

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

Camille is a reporter and a mysterious case has just been assigned to her: two young girls have been murdered exactly in the town where she grew up. This and many other coincidences unravel a series of events that will torment Camille, bringing back from the past some of her worst childhood memories. This is one of the best book gifts for those who love a bit of shiver down their backs.