The best male looks spotted at Pitti Uomo 2018


We haven’t completely lost it. Not yet. But we kind of love mixing up fashion and music, so for Pitti Uomo  2018 we turned to 50 Cent lyrics for our title. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit play, in the meantime check out the trendiest looks for men spotted at Pitti Uomo 2018.

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If Fumito Ganryu is amongst the first ones parading at Fortezza dal Basso in Florence – the Commes Des Garcons designer for the project sent out futurists fabrics and shapes – on the other it will be streestyle the real speaker of this biannual event. So here it goes, if you want to find some male outfits 2018 inspo, we have checked out what’s been going on outside the stunning location.

Pitti’s feed describes it as optical fabric: pinstriped suits are the most seen, but there are two different schools  of thought, where according to one the silhouette is relaxed – as in this one – and the other is super tailored.

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That’s exactly where this lad is heading to with a stretch fabric suits, striped, worn with sneakers. The fit must be impeccable or needless to say the stripes will distort your silhouette.

These ‘gents’ are indeed the expression of the trend spotted at Pitti Uomo: a touch of ‘modern gentleman’ is  what all these 3 different looks exudes, thanks to very significant details. Did you see those ties worn as belts – or belts worn as ties? Or the frayed hems cropped chinos? And what about those men’s envelope handbags, which you really need to posses some grace to sport them?

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Plunge necks were also spotted amongst streetstyle posers at PittiUomo 2018: from unbuttoned shirts worn with fitted blazers to oversized suits worn with nothing underneath, chests are being made relevant and we just beg you to observe how it is all done properly before you go and try it out.

A while ago we were looking for all white outfits and we only wish we had found this terrific snap back then, too bad Pitti Uomo wasn’t happening at the time. If fashion is more than matching colours it would be this picture to teach such an important lesson.

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Underneath those blazers we also spotted pops of colour in the shape of flower print and botanic print  shirts, worn unbuttoned to maximize drama. Have you spotted how no one is wearing a tie? That makes it reasonable if you think about it: it would be rather impossible to do plunge neck and tie in the same outfit.

Shirts have another thing different: collars. A 70s vibe is one and that’s where some of the trendiest looks  spotted at Pitti Uomo are headed to. (the rounded shaped shades also give away some clues on the mood)

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On the front of bold prints Cavalli is one to watch: damier, cheetah and zebra print are all matched against  each other: changing colors and size, the gist is to layering them as much as possible. The balance is more of a magic trick, but Pitti Uomo is this and more.