The best morning routine to have a productive day


If you look around at what the best morning routines are, you will be hit an array of impractical and obsessive schemes that if anything will give you insomnia rather than helping you start the day with a spring in your step. If to you waking up at the crack of dawn to go throw your weekly expenses sounds like a healthy morning routine, what you are going to be reading next is not for you.

We will be bringing you some of the most reasonable yet practical schemes to put into practice whether you are preparing your final exams or are a stay at home dad.

Good morning routine ideas

Do you want to become more effective or is it more energy that you are after or simply, you are not a morning person at all and wish to find the best morning routine that will help you do and achieve all these things?

This simple 5 step job should allow you getting out of your front door ready to face the world’s asperities, hit all your targets, all with a smile on your face:

1.setting the alarm clock:allow yourself 30 minutes extra for this morning routine. No snoozing! Falling back asleep every 10 minutes will give drowsiness instead of a boost.

2. kitchen first: hydration, not only in the shape of caffeine. at the start of the week you should invest 15 minutes of your time – even at night – to use your juice extractor. Ginger, lemon, green apples, carrots and celery will give you a right kick as you open your eyes. After sipping, sit down and allow yourself 10 minutes at least to have breakfast. We have written plenty on the best types of zero carb breakkie to keep you toned as well as give you a super fast metabolism.

3. thinking: finding time to think about the ‘things that matter’ in life first thing in the morning isn’t easy and some of you have actually been very good at avoiding this process altogether. But finding solutions, i.e. making decisions to solve your problems, is the real key to happiness, success and ultimately efficiency.

In the morning needless to say how quick your brain is at ‘suddenly remembering’, putting all those life-jiggle puzzle pieces together and somehow connecting with your inner you to drive you to fix all those fuck ups from last week. Find this situation familiar? then you should allow yourself a good 10 minutes to list all those things you need to sort out before they become problems: decide, decide, decide!

I normally do this after my healthy juice and eggs have filled my stomach, before I head to the bathroom to start with my beauty regimen and such.

Not just deciding, you can also do a bit of planning, what some of the best routines we have found suggest as ‘writing down a task to be completed on the next day’. Nope, it isn’t procrastinating, it’s actually the opposite, a method of splitting into smaller actions something that you perceive as impossible to perform.

4. 10 minutes of stretching, yoga or breathing exercises – even the simplest types can give you all the benefits of a full class if you take the habit of doing them everyday.

5. feel good about yourself: don’t think that beauty regimes are just for aesthetic reasons. Having a glow to your complexions will make you feel like a million dollar not just on the outside. Boys and girls, the best morning routine is not complete if you don’t allow yourself 10 minutes to do some pampering – follow our simple step beauty routine here.  Not just a matter of face wash and serums, feeling good about yourself also means zero wardrobe drama: the night before make sure, at least, that the shirt you were planning to wear is ironed and ready to go.


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Daily habits of successful people

For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?And whenever the answer has been no for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. 

– Steve Jobs

That is one very good habit, but it worked for him and he had a mind of another league. Some other daily habits of successful people you would find more relatable to you include:

  • digital detox: stop sending emails after everyone has already eaten, had a glass of red and in proximity to toss themselves into relaxing positions. The mind needs ‘off time’ from screens and notifications. In the morning, wait to do crazy scrolling through your emails to later on, after you have stepped out of the house.
  • at work, save the most boring and difficult tasks for the morning: get things out of the way asap, so you won’t’ have to waste energy in worrying about them during the day.


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  • Live the outdoors first thing in the morning: you don’t have to force yourself into cardio activity in the morning, but a walk in the park will actually clear up your mind and give you time to organize your thoughts with precision and zero efforts.

These are just some beginners’ good morning routines ideas, but be wary, there’s a world out there of Napoleon wannabes – he never slept longer than 4 hours – who take as long as 2 hours to master the perfect morning routine.