The best outfits to copy from Drake


We know that what you have seen plenty of in the last month isn’t a collection of best Drake’s outfits but rather something along the line of 15 thousand people doing the ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ and failing at it.

Drake’s influence is everywhere, but we want to keep you safe: so here it is, if you want to copy the style of the Canadian rapper, check out the elements that must be part of your wardrobe.

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But first, on that ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ or ‘Kiki Challenge’: watch this – don’t copy – and laugh. Repeat. The aim of the challenge was to dance along Drake’s latest release after jumping out of a moving car, while it continues to move. Car were crashed into lamp posts, ‘dancers’ got injured and the more viral it got the funnier it became to watch people failing at it.

OK, now, back to style and to the three-time Grammy award winner sense of it all. We have identified the basic elements of Drake’s style, those that inevitably represent this rapper image, rap culture and fashion. The most important trick to perform when copying from Drake is to keep it simple, right down to a minimalistic style – opposed to what Young Thug and Migos do.

Rap uniforms: Drake’s baggy hoodies

There’s something sinisterly old fashioned with Drake’s Insta feed: it’s all down to ‘casual’ pictures, some of which seem to have been shot with one of those paper ejecting Polaroids. But it is also down to Drake’s very own proper rapper sense of style: baggy or oversized hoodies are unmissable, he wears them pretty much from day to night – the hood is never pulled up though.

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Rap uniforms: Drakes’ jackets

If you are from Canada we guess you tend to develop a certain sense of fashion for functional jackets, or at least for the brands that make pretty things that also keep you warm when you can ice skate on your drive. From peacoats to puffa jackets, Drake’s outfits are most often the jacket itself.

Rap uniforms: Drake’s slim fit jeans

It’s a sin to say rappers don’t wear skinny jeans in 2018. What’s true is that according to their body shape, rappers tend to limit jeans tightness to slim fit: this is Drake’s case, who sports black jeans more often than blue jeans, in a rather relaxed fit.

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Rap uniforms: Drake’s tracksuits

Even tracksuits are no longer as baggy as they used to be when rap music was invented – read about it here. Drake’s outfits for the stage are often some tech tracksuit bottoms featuring a tight fit around the ankles. Will he go back to wearing Adidas snap tracks? The rest of the world is, maybe without him for now.

Rap uniforms: Drake’s shoes

Trainers, of course – Jordan’s, as he’s sponsored by the brand. But yet again is that cold weather conditions, all terrain sort of footwear Drake’s likes to bring back from other eras. That’s in the shape of suede Timberland boots, brown or black.

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Drake’s style: the suit

When it comes to dress to impress, Drake is a man who knows how to put on a suit. Captioned as ‘omertà’, this grey double breasted pinstriped suit jacket worn over a black tee shirt ticks all the boxes in terms of elegance and music icon coolness.

Drake’s style: accessories

Nothing like the excessive bling bling in the name of ‘more is more’ you might have seen on pretty much all the other rappers of 2018 scene – except Kendrick Lamar and Eminem: Drake’s accessorizing is bold but simple, one necklace, one huge watch and one ring.

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