The best outfits to copy from Eminem


If it’s the first time you browse through D360, we really recommend taking a look at the words written in celebration of one of the best rappers of all times, one that made, changed, dominated and still rules thismusic industry.

He’s Eminem and if you can’t sing sick bars as fast as he can, looking as stylish like he does is something you can all try and pull off.

How to dress like Eminem? Follow these 5 must haves and you’ll be served with the saviour of all fashion dilemmas, plus, you’ll be able to dress that inner sassy attitude of yours accordingly.

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    How to dress like Eminem

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    Eminem’s style: hoodies

    It’s the rapper’s touch, we know, but you don’t necessarily have to wear your hood, neither must you feel the need to pull it up over a baseball hat. Em uses it as stage uniform, where the hood is the only filter he can apply between the square meters that separate him from reality.


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    Eminem’s style: baseball hats

    The baseball hat not used to smash it out of the park is probably the most famous way of wearing a baseball hat, and that’s all thanks to rap. B-Boys in particular. When you think of Eminem, if you’re struggling to picture his hair – or only manage to recall the bleach blonde he had once – it might be due to him always wearing a hat. With summer peaking over the next weeks, you really should be considering copying Eminem’s obsession for the thing.


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    Un post condiviso da Marshall Mathers (@eminem) in data:

    Eminem’s style: tees

    You might be thinking of extremely oversized white t-shirts right now, but over the years Eminem has turned  to a more fitted kind of tee. The world of t-shirts is a whole universe to be discovered out there, so to get it right we suggest you tune in with the latest trends on the matter. Plus, if you are going for scripted tees, think of this: would the Shady ever wear something that says ‘the referee is wanker’? Nope, didn’t think so.
    Instead check out these reversible nappa leather jacket like this one might be your way to dress down and play a more laid back part.

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    Eminem’s style: joggers

    Athleisure has been a big thing in 2018, meaning that loose lurex joggers were seen on many catwalks  amongst women’ collections of top designers. If the ladies of the rap and hip hop scene have sported jogger pants with heels or matched even with a lace top, Eminem had it all figured out way ahead of his time.

    If back in the 90s his joggers pants were loose and baggy, in 2018 the silhouette is definitely skinny or at least carrot. Check out these camo stretch pants, nodding at one of Eminem’s fav prints.


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    Now, you’ve got all the pieces of the looks and plenty of inspo. We’d better leave with some tips too: get yourself a pair of chunky trainers, bold accessories in the shape of big sporty watches and you’ll have that Eminem thing going on like The Real Slim Shady.