The best places to travel in March


We have been delighting you on D360 with the best places to travel to by month, so that you can easily plan a relaxing or adventurous break in some of the most unique places on earth when the climate is at its best and the crowds are working their sorry a****s in the office, so here we are with the best places to travel in March. We have been looking at those destinations for those who are after a sunny break as well as the last bits of snow to enjoy before spring kicks in.

Best Places to travel in March Europe


If you want to experience Portugal’s still well-preserved authenticity and wilderness certainly August isn’t the right month for it as thanks to low cost airlines, both the capital and the seaside spots are swarmed in by tourists from all over Europe.

What to see in Portugal? Lisbon, Porto and Sintra are the must-see cities in Portugal for their historic and cultural heritage and the mild temperatures of March will allow you to enjoy sightseeing walksway more than in full summer. For nature lovers the country offers a great variety of spots, from hiking in Madeira (an island off the west coast of Africa) to whale watching or venturing on the Camino Portuguese. Brace yourself for Atlantic weather and pack a lightweight raincoat.


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Is there ever a right or wrong in when visiting Paris? One of the best places to travel in March is indeed the French capital, which will offer you a perfect short break retreat. Until March 10th you will be able to attend shows from ‘Showtime in Paris’ in some of its most prestigious locations, including The Moulin Rouge, the Philharmonie de Paris, the Caveau de la Huchette, the Cirque Alexis Gruss.  And if you were wondering what other prodige are linked to the word ‘Hermes’, from the 22nd to the 24th of March the 10th edition of the Saut Hermes takes place at the Grand Palais, a great event for all equestrian fans.


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Why would you visit Greece in March? Well, we are not talking about you, beach addict, as the best time to enjoy the golden sands of the Cyclades is from April to November. Greece is one of the places to travel in March if you are planning to do some sightseeing in Athens; the mild temperatures – around 12 to 16 Celsius maximum – will be much more suitable than the summer scorching climate. In March you will be able to flavour the ancient and authentic flavours of the city and blend in with the locals rather than joining the flow of one of many guided tours.


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Cappadocia, Turkey

Straight out of a Tim Burton’s movie, or the work of some surrealist illustrator, Cappadocia’s boulders, a landmark of the Anatolian Plains, are one of the most unique landscapes in the world. The whimsical moonscape is worth alone a trip here, but it’s for what’s hidden in this treasures that you will definitely book a trip; from Göreme Open-Air Museum or the churches cut in the rock in Rose Valley, which is probably the best valley to hike through in Cappadocia, there are plenty of marvels for you to discover.


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Best Places to travel in March in USA  

Biloxi, Mississippi

Why is Biloxi one of the best places in the US to travel in March? This is the month when the Mardi Gras unfolds; with its parades and over 100 floats, it is a show expressing traditions and folklore. It happens this year on March 5th, but if you wish to travel there later on March there are still plenty of attractions for you to pick from. Mississippi Gulf Coast is the perfect spot where to plan some beach holidays with the family, when holidaymakers are at work, plus there’s a bit of everything on offer for all tastes, from fishing to non stop 24 hour casinos.


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Sun Valley, Idaho

The best thing about March is that the winter season is not finished at all, which means you can still enjoy plenty of snow bliss in many ski resorts around the world. Sun Valley in Idaho is where it all started as it is where the first chairlift was ever spotted; it is also home to the biggest Nordic skiing area in the US, plus if you book a trip from the 13th to the 17th of March you will be able to enjoy the Sun Valley Film Festival, which is a great excuse to take a break from the slopes.


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Best places to travel in March in Africa

South Africa

With an average temperature of 22 celsius and highs of 27 celsius, March is probably the best time of the year to pick to travel to South Africa. Why South Africa? On top of being the land where to experience safari at its best, with the opportunity to see rhinos, elephants, lions, leopard and buffalos, it is also where to enjoy the outdoors actively, like surfing, rock climbing and hiking into one of the many natural reserves. South Africa’s cities are best enjoyed while the temperatures are mild as well as the dramatic natural landscapes, such as the Blyde River Canyon or a stroll into the ‘upland’, where South African wine is produced.


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Dankalia, Ethiopia

You wouldn’t call the desert landscape of Dankalia ‘moonscape’, it is actually more of a Martian type of scenario that attracts tourists. The Dankali desert has been defined as one of the most dangerous places on earth, as the scorching temperatures of 50 celsius and the poisonous gases filling the atmosphere around the green pools of sulfuric acid and oils is lethal. There’s no other place like this on earth and that’s what makes it so appealing for travellers, who are able to explore the Danakil desert on a board of a 4×4, sleeping under the night sky with one a trusted company that will provide you food and all the due safety. Remember, this is type of travelling is more on the extreme side and it might not suit the littles ones.


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Best Place to travel in March in South America

Lagunas des Colores Bolivia

Colorada, celeste, verde and blanca are the different names and hues of some of the most unique water formations on earth, which you can visit on one trip in the southwest of Bolivia. Laguna verde might be the most paradise look alike, located in the Bolivian Plateau; the glimmering waters of the so called ‘Green Lagune’ are a stunning landscape best enjoyed from November to March. There might be one factor you will have to take into account when travelling here: the 4300 m altitude, but the air you will be breathing here isn’t the only breathtaking thing to experience, as the lagune is nested by the volcano Licancabur, whose top is home to the ruins of some Inca constructions.


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Best Place to travel in March in the Middle East and Asia

Health retreat to Jordan

The Dead Sea and the many powers of its salty waters are one of the main attractions for visitors in Jordan, and not just for its therapeutic benefits, but for the spectacular landscape they are immersed in. Why not taking a relaxing wellness break to Jordan and staying in one of the luxurious spa resorts, pampered and being taken care of?


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