The best places to travel in November


We don’t where you live, although chances are we might have a vague idea of where our readers do come from, but we think waiting until Christmas to jet off to a sunny location or simply away from city darkness and misty wake up calls is too many days away: so here they come, the best places where to travel in November. We are sure you’ll like our selection tailored for you.


There are some destinations you would not even consider unless we suggested them as the ideal ones to travel to in November, when we are waiting for big snow powdered mountains on one side while dreaming of sandy beaches on the other one. Myanmar is one of those, with its red-brick temples and a bouquet of magical landscapes. November is when to travel to Myanmar as temperatures reach mid-20s and the monsoon season has ended.


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Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

This Mexico region is ideal to travel to in November as temperatures maintain high without reaching scorching levels: from white beaches to ancient Mayan ruins, Yucatan is best tried with some spirit of adventure. The temple of Kukulcan, the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve and snorkelling with sea turtles are amongst some of the best attractions to try out in Yucatan.


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We have written plenty on how to travel to Antarctic and what kind of accommodation to expect there, we guess it’s time for us to refresh your memory and suggest that November is actually the best time to travel here as it marks the beginning of spring. Experience walking on ice thanks to the phenomenon of fast ice and of course start your penguin watching marathon.


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As the capital of one of the most technologically advanced countries, Seoul is perfect for travelling in November as mild temperatures and low rainfall will make your stay a lot more enjoyable than during winter. What kind of things can you do on a November trip to Seoul? Finding out what Korean food is all about is on top of the list. Check this out.


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Antigua and Barbuda

For those who can’t resist the charm of spanning from incessant showers to the light drizzle of the waves breaking on the shore, as well as eschewing ankle boots for a barefoot holiday, Antigua and Barbuda are the perfect destinations where to spend a holiday in November. Plus, if you are looking for a romantic retreat, Antigua and Barbuda are the two islands which have recently won the 2018 World Travel Award for ‘Caribbean’s Most Romantic Destination’.


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Los Angeles

Santa Monica and Venice Beach still wait for you in November, a time of the year in which the city of Los Angeles is more or less free from the huge crowds of tourists of the summer. Pay a visit to the Getty Center or  book one of the Hollywood tours if you really can’t stay away from touristy things.


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We did send you to Cuba in September as this is when the best season starts: we are obviously going to be sending you here again as it is one of the most beautiful and lively places for your November holidays. Varadero’s resorts and Havana’s colours will not disappoint, also because you will be guaranteed  temperatures reaching 28 C.


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We are going to be filling D360 with editorials coming directly from Cambodia, as one of our correspondents is currently doing research for us there. Probably not one of the most touristic destination sons on this list, but that’s part of Cambodia’s beauty. Not just for the many temples, statues and the towers and spiral of Angkor, Cambodia is also the chaotic vibe of Phnom Penh, where the future embraces traditions and the revitalizing spirit of the Cambodian population.


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