The Best Songs About Friendship


There’s nothing better in the world than having a good friend that stands by you through thick and thin – except, perhaps best friend songs that make you reminisce of all good times as well as the ‘not so great’ times spent with them. If you have a few good friends, then count yourself lucky because life is sad without friends. They bring the best in you so if you appreciate your BFF, why not show them some love by sharing some of our favourite friendship songs to show you much the relationship means to you? Sometimes it’s hard to think off the top of your head of songs about best friends or songs for best friends but no worries, as we have you covered with our list of best songs about friendship.

Let’s get started!

You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman

This is an all time classic good friendship song, also Toy Story’s theme song. This is a perfect tribute to friends helping each other when times get tough, just like Andy’s best friend, Woody.

You’ve got a friend in me

When the road looks, rough ahead

And you’re miles and miles

From your nice warm bed

Just remember what your old pal said

Boy, you’ve got a friend in me

You’ve got a friend in me

Best Friend – Young Thug

That’s my best friend, that’s my best friend, flexin’

Big ol’ booty bitch misses from Texas, what’s next is

I’m gon’ skeet off, lil nigga come catch me, catch me

And that’s my bestie, my bestie, my best friend, go best friend


Young Thug’s “Best Friend” track is about rolling out with his best friend, clearly. The song is also inspired by Tokyo Vanity’s “That’s My Best Friend.” Best friend songs are really not as scarce as you would think.

Graduation (Friends Forever) – Vitamin C

This is probably the most appropriate song for a graduation, just like the name itself. It’s about growing up and going on our own ways but still being friends no matter what. It’s a very nostalgic song if you ask us.

As we go on

We remember

All the times we

Had together

And as our lives change

Come whatever

We will still be

Friends Forever

I’ll Be There – The Jackson 5

Also covered by Mariah Carey and Arthur Hanlon, The Jackson 5’s soul song “I’ll Be There” is their single released in 1970 and it is about the assuring promise of being there for a friend and it is one of the best songs about friendship till date.

Where there is love, I’ll be there

I’ll reach out my hand to you, I’ll have faith in all you do

Just call my name and I’ll be there

Umbrella – Rihanna

Apart from the fact that the song ‘Umbrella’ played a vital role in the evolution from the girl-next-door we all knew to the hot diva we love, who knew this hit song was about friendship too. The hook to the chorus will actively convince you why it is one of the best songs about friendship.

When the sun shine, we shine together

Told you I’ll be here forever

Said I’ll always be your friend

Took an oath, I’ma stick it out to the end

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine – The Killers

This is probably the darkest song you’ll find here on the playlist since it’s about a murder, but despite that it is still a really good song.

There ain’t no motive for this crime

Jenny was a friend of mine

So come on, oh, come on, oh, come on, oh

Best Friend – 50 Cent

For once, these rap lyrics about friends actually aren’t just all about going out, spending money or sexual stuff – there’s actually a decent story – it’s about a guy who has a female best friend who he wished would be his girlfriend. 50 cents’ ‘Best Friend’ definitely falls into the best friend songs category

If I was your best friend, I want you ’round all the time

(I want you ’round me all the time)

Can I be your best friend

Count On Me – Bruno Mars

This is probably one of the most feel good best friend songs. It is what it is. It’s always nice to have a friend when things are going right but even better when you have a good friend when they are there for you even through your tough times,

You can count on me like 1, 2, 3

I’ll be there

And I know when I need it

I can count on you like 4, 3, 2

And you’ll be there

Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah

All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem

A dance song about friendship! The song sounds a bit like The Killers style and the lyrics themselves are pretty great too! Portraying the rise and fall of a friendship like

It comes apart

The way it does in bad films

That’s My Best Friend – Tokyo Vanity

Talking about best friend songs, ‘That’s My Best friend’ actually became viral from Vine by TokyoxVanity alongside with her best friend named Summerella on Vine.

Cause my best friend finna, she finna

Ooh, go best friend

That’s my best friend, that’s my best friend, (yas)

(That’s my best friend, that’s my best friend)

Wannabe – Spice Girls

Well, what can we say? No one can get more best friend-y when it comes down to Spice Girls. “Wannabe” is not just a song about friendship but also empowerment.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends

(Gotta get with my friends)

Make it last forever friendship never ends

Stand by Me – Ben E. King

Another classic R&B friendship song that you should know. And if you don’t know this song, shame on you.

Darlin’, darlin’, stand by me, stand by me

Stand by me stand by me stand by me

If you think these friendship songs are not enough then here is a playlist on spotify that you can checkout!

Remember, friends are those people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter and live a little better!