The best tv series coming up this winter on Netflix


Netflix proposes a richer and richer catalog of new releases, featuring original productions, exciting movies and TV series. The pay streaming platform, in fact, has many new entries in store for us, often casting only titles, plots and little else. We don’t know almost anything about some series, about others we know the launch date, while of others we can’t but enjoy a mysterious trailer that stimulates our curiosity even more. What we can say is that the expectation gets higher every day and that, for now, we’ll give you a little hint of what the coming up TV series on Netflix you can’t miss this winter will be.


David Fincher’s Netfix TV series Mindhunter will be on the platform from October 13th and will be about a close killer hunt. The director of Seven, Zodiac and Fight Club returns with a TV series for Netflix on serial murders inspired by the book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, written by two federal agents. Set in 1979, the series features two agents who question serial killers already delivered to justice to understand their psychology and use it to solve the cases they are currently working on. An appointment the enthusiasts of the genre can’t miss.

Stranger Things 2

For Halloween some of you might already have plans, as on October 31th 2017 Stranger Things 2 comes out on Netflix. Considering the air of mystery and the suspense that the first season of the popular series created, Netflix thought that was the perfect date. We don’t know much about what we will see in the new episodes, only that there will be nine appointments, that one year has passed since Will’s return and everything seems to be back to normal. But the darkness is lurking and still threatens Hawkins’s entire town. Between new entries, anxious wait and curiosity, the second season of Stranger Things intends to continue to astonish its viewers at all costs.


Dark is a German tv series that will make its debut on Netflix at the end of 2017. This is a dramatic thriller set in a German town today, shaken by the disappearance of a child, bringing up double lives, spooky secrets and complicated relationships between the inhabitants of the provincial town. Among mysterious slaughters of cattle, disappearances and close research, this sci-fi series produced and set in Europe is raising high expectations.


Among the new releases for the winter of Netflix is also an Italian TV series: Suburra. An adaptation in episode form of the 2015 film, Suburra The Series is one of the most anticipated titles of the year and is the first Italian Netflix series. It narrates episodes and events related to the protagonists of Mafia Capitale, involving the state, organized crime and the Vatican. Suburra is directed by Michele Placido and among the starring actors are Filippo Nigro, Alessandro Borghi and Claudia Gerini.

Troy: Fall of the city

Coming up on Netflix is also Troy: Fall of the City, a TV series inspired by the Iliad, a famous epic poem about the war and the fall of Troy. The Netflix and BBC One production is in eight episodes and is characterized by a rich international cast. Heroism, horror, value, passion and sacrifice will be the themes that will accompany this intense journey into ancient history.

The spy

The Spy is a spy-series coming up on Netflix in the next months, based on facts that really happened and tells the story of Eli Cohen, a major Israeli spy who worked under-cover in Syria in the early 1960s infiltrating in the Syrian government. With his mission he managed to make great changes in the political scenario of the Middle East, but the price to pay was undoubtedly very high. An extremely contemporary and international series.

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