The best winter getaways


If you haven’t booked anything yet for the festive season and neither have you received the so much anticipated invitation to the annual relatives’ reunion, chances are you can still treat yourself to a holiday: check out the best winter getaways amongst the ones we have selected for you.

Not only sunny white beaches for those searching to escape winter, but also something for those who want to embrace it in full; plus, if you are single and looking for some adventures away from Christmas nostalgia, we have also looked at some of the best winter getaways for those who love a bit of thrill over mince pies and trimmings.

Best Winter getaways below zero

Tromso, Norway

The Northern lights, dog sledding and all that blissful winter wonderland is what qualifies Norway  as one of the best winter getaways for any type of traveller: here you will be able to find the midnight sun as well as plenty of night entertainments. It is the most northern city in the Arctic as well as the largest city in Norway.


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Clark, Colorado

A cabin in the woods, isn’t this the best way to switch off from the daily busy work-life routine? Some of the best winter getaways might actually be right on your doorstep, if you are lucky enough to be from and around Colorado. You can pick a luxury hotel that still gives you that ‘immersed in the nature’ type of vacation, such as the Vista Verde Ranch. From active experiences such as skiing or riding a fat bike, this place is perfect for below zero lovers.


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St. Moritz

Amongst the best winter getaways, St. Moritz surely is the most luxurious destination to aim for you if you are into skiing, fine dining, shopping and simply being marvelled by the beauty of the Swiss mountains. And even if you are not that much into winter, this photo proves how fun things can pan out for you anyway.


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Best Winter getaways for those escaping winter

If instead your home is where morning frost and slippery roads welcome you on Monday blues and you wish to escape it in search of sunny destinations, here are some of the best beach getaways for this winter.

Best beach getaways

Bora Bora

Located in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is a group of islands is one of the most sought after beach getaways in winter and all year round: the famous blue lagoon makes it an unmissable place to visit once in a lifetime. Here you can lodge in one of the overwater bungalows and experience a true barefoot type of holiday, which you can make more adventurous by hopping on a jeep for a safari tour or discovering the sea wildlife by doing some ray feeding.


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Kauai, Hawaii

We have written a full and rich editorial on how to plan a trip to Kauai, which features as well some of the must do activities to do. Read more about one of these beach getaways for all types of winter holiday makers here.


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December beach getaways

Koh Thao, Thailand

A name that means ‘turtle island’ gives out what type of activity you can be hoping to do in this Thailand beach getaway: then there will be all the pampering and exclusiveness of one of the many five-star luxury resorts.


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Romantic winter getaways

Saint Lucia

The festive season is to be fair one of the most romantic periods of the year, but if you really want to make it special for the person you love, buy tickets for St. Lucia, renownedly one of the most romantic winter getaways and honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean.


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Vienna, Austria

In Europe besides Paris eternal magic, Vienna classifies for sure as one of the most romantic winter getaways in the city: visit the many historical Sacher Torte patisseries and feel like the royals with a tour of the Hofburg Imperial Palace or warm up in each other’s arms at one of the hot punch terraces scattered around the city.


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Banff Hot Springs, Canada

Romance always starts with wellness and in winter there’s nothing better than experiencing original and natural ways of pampering: the historic warm waters of Banff Hot Springs will offer you just that in a beautiful scenario for one of the most romantic winter getaways.


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