The charm of seeing the world from above: Dronegram

28.01.2019 | By ELENA LONGARI

Instagram has given us pretty much anything and everything we could ever wish to see – and aspire too: from the beautiful lives of mindfulness gurus to some of the most remote spas in the world, the list of ‘things we can’t have’ overcrowding our sight is endless.



But come 2019 and Instagram will lose its touch; the record breaker Egg as a proof of the impellent need of escaping a digital lifestyle we no longer fit in, since all it takes to win the likes race is a bloody uninspiring untouched egg.

There’s another side of Instagram that is still an unspoilt territory worth exploring and investigating, it’s the side ‘from above’, namely of photos taken by drones flying in the sky. A prospective that doesn’t fail to amuse us, as it is one no human will ever be able to master without machines.

From the 5th edition of Dronestagram to #dronegram, we have been with our heads up in the sky too,  looking for the most mesmerizing photos taken by drones.


A competition gathering some of the most unique photos taken from above, allowing us to use that ‘eagle eye’ even in places where no eagle would ever fly out to, Dronestagram has reached its 5th edition and we’d like you to take a look at the winners of 2018 contest.

1st place

Fascinated by the blend of artistry and tech that drones embody, ‘Zekedrone’, aka Martin Sanchez, who became a drone pilot only after studying graphic design and UI/UX video game design.

A lot of my inspiration comes from nature and how it shows off. The most interesting part of drone photography is the unexpected results. When you’re capturing nature and you find really interesting patterns and shapes

These hippos bathing in Tanzania gave him the winner drone shot.


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2nd place

Trung Pham is from Vietnam and his drone photos have that unique trait only the eye of a drone can give: it’s the spotting of something humanly impossible to see, grasp and elaborate. These fishing nets require a closer look to be able to see them for what they are: at a first glance, it’s the stroke of a brush, powered by an led light source of some sort that hits you.


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3rd place

2 people, 2 dogs & 4 shadows: an inspiring shot, one of those you can’t get your head around. Where are the two people? Are they the shadows? Taken by Ucranian Yevhen Samuchenko (aka Q-lieb-in), it’s an aesthetic that reflects modern escapism, where the values of minimalism are to be embraced: these include re-establishing a connection with mother nature as well as with other fellow human beings.

At night shooting I like its slow pace — you can break away from the bustle of the day, and because of the long exposure shooting process does not interfere with the contemplation of the starry sky. Consciously watching the majestic night sky, I feel like a single particle of the Universe, merging into a single whole with it


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Fill your feed with people in natural landscapes, from snow wonderlands to the greenest greens, to the choreographies of streets cutting through the city skyline, which from above only resembles an elegant sea urchin.


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Architectural shapes that no man’s eye would ever be able to see in such a way. The quest of looking at photos gathered by #drongram is close to a quest for perfection, as most of them are well fit to be printed and decor your feature wall in the living room.


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Haven’t you been amused and baffled by these views?

So thank you Instagram for once, for making see the impossible to see, for the first time!