The coolest ideas on what to do on New Year’s Eve


The countdown has almost started and you still don’t know what to do on New Year’s Eve? There might be a simple explanation to why New Year celebrations haven’t yet triggered that ‘book now’ urge yet: wherever you look, whoever you speak to, the hassle to plan and grab a top notch and unforgettable night over does largely the experience. The urge is not there probably because this whole New Year’s Eve celebrations ‘we all must have the time of our lives’ has finally vanished and lost its appeal even amongst younger generations.

Why is that? The cueing, the prices, the ridiculous amount of people versus the little amount of quality food and huge amount of not so great time you will spend for the sake of saying ‘at least I did do something for New Year’s Eve’.

So we are with you on this one and thought that for our own good as well as yours we would find some better ideas on what to do on New Year’s Eve, away from the so called New Year’s Eve parties and things like celebrating New Year’s Eve in Time Square.

But, if you are not up for this, you can still read about the best New Year’s Eve events around the world here.

Things to do on New Year’s Eve even by yourself

A regenerating ritual

‘Me time’ is for some of you the most luxurious thing you miss in your life: whether it’s a workaholic life or the juggling of creative jobs, never to mention stress, anxiety and simply that thing called ‘life’, dedicating time to yourself is the ultimate New Year Celebration. Not just a Spa, but an alcove in the middle of nowhere where to do some pampering, some fine dining and of course marvel at chic design. Check out this floating Spa, where you will be able to watch the Northern lights as well as experiencing A New Year celebration of rejuvenation.


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Night time alpine action

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience away from the crowds, the traffic and simply away from it all, many locations in the Alps organise the so called ‘fiaccolata’ (a ski parade with torches) or ‘night shoe rackets walk’. It will be you, the dark pitch sky reflecting the glow of the snow and utter silence only to be broken by fireworks: even if you turn up on your own, there will be groups and guides leading the way.


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Go to the cinema or to the theatre

Is anyone ever going to do a countdown during the most intense scene of new coming Vox Lux? Choose a late show of course, the trick is in still having a cheeky dinner even at home before the show. Book in advance as this is one of the ideas most in vogue at the moment.

Things to do on New Year’s Eve with a special person

Netflix and Chill

It’s always a good thing to know what Netflix and Chill means, what we mean is a good dose of your favourite TV series before a good dose of bedroom activity, the latter keeping away the celebratory noise of street parties for New Year’s Eve.


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The midnight shower

If it’s you and your partner, a midnight shower is an absurd but likewise rewarding ritual. It will keep the noise of the neighbours at bay for a good 30 minutes as well as relaxing you and making you all fresh and clean to welcome to New Year.


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Midnight on a plane

Midnight might happen to a specific moment and time if you are on soil, but ‘in the air’ time loses its predetermined course. Why not choosing the 31st of December as the flying out date for your departure from London to New York?

Things to do on New Year's Eve that will make you feel a better person

Give back to the community

We know that feeling alone does not get better in looking at other people’s life tragedies, but doing some charity work on New Year’s Eve sounds more rewarding to the soul than spending a ridiculous amount of cash on low quality bubbly. Giving out quilts and food to homeless and then party with them is one of the best things to do on New Year’s Eve.

Host a dinner party a la ’eat with’

You might haven’t come across the app that brings people together around a table called Eat with yet, but why not hosting a party for diners you haven’t met before who for one reason or the other they all ended up hating New Year celebration like you ? It is one of the best things to do if you at least know some cooking basics.


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A minimalist approach to New Year’s Eve

Why not throwing a sort of New Year’s Eve car boot sale? This will help you getting rid of the inessential in adopting a minimalistic approach to life. Start from clothes, then kitchenware and finally electronics. One of the best things to do on New Year’s Eve for everyone.

Or, reach the top of the world

Invest your holidays days off in completing one of those ‘impossible’ tasks you have been saying you would do by the end of your 30s. Climbing a mountain, doing a 200 km bike, going across the States: do the impossible.


One of the best things to do on New Year’s Eve is actually making money. Work in a bar, in security or other jobs in the industry for those who do go to the best New Year’s Eve parties. Babysitting much??

Happy New Year everyone!!