The evergreen of all fashion colours: military green styling tips


Military, army or olive: these are the names fashion uses to identify one of the most difficult colours to wear. It’s all the shades of military green and at D360 it is one of our favourites: check out how to wear and style this fashion’s evergreen the easy easy way.

Military green bomber jacket

Bomber jackets have been one of the revivals of this 2016, but have been taken to whole different level fashion statement thanks to patches: the bigger, the better, that’s how. Army green jackets for women are best styled for informal occasions, but if have learnt our tricks, you can always play with contrasts and match it with a pair of stretchy black chino pants.


Sequin army green sequin trench jacket

Add a sprinkle of sequins to pretty much anything, now and in the upcoming seasons: the beauty of them is that can make anything look chic and feminine even if you don’t want to wear a super girly outfit. A military green trench coat is what you need to create an absolutely stunning silhouette, the sequin application on the back is the best glamorous touch.

Up the shorts

From hot pants to sporty ones, women have many ways of showing off beautifully toned legs besides miniskirts: we have military shorts indahouse. From military green denim worn in the summer to a pair of high rise shorts, made super flattery by the large pleats, they are your understated way to be sassy. Match them with a funky colourful blouse to up the girly-girl in you.

Shirt with lily

The military shirt is the quintessence of military green, but it can be quite a tricky fashion item to wear if you still believe it is boyish and boxy. The addition of delicate flowers applications is what you need to be looking for, then you have to match it with a miniskirt or stretchy pants to balance proportions out.

High slit and military pockets maxi skirt

Another way to interpret the maxi skirt is to inject it with a whole military vibe: the maxi pockets, the zip at the front and the washed out military green are all the traits maxi skirts need to have this year. That’s not all: a deep slit on the front is the trait that can make it all very glamorous.

Military green jacket matched with red

When we talked about how to match colours, we gave specific instructions on how to get it spot on by using complementary colours: similarly, one of the best way to wear military green is with accents of red. This is how a military inspired jacket in green, made cute by the long fringes at shoulder height, is taken for a ride with the girls with a pleated red mini skirt.

Parka jacket

If you think of a parka jacket, you think of a military green jacket. Another evergreen in fashion history, literally, a parka jacket can solve different purposes: it can be your warmest companion during your adventurous outings, but it can even be styled with more elegant outfits, such as black cropped chino and pointy pumps. If you live in Milan, you know a tech fabric is a must have in winter, never mind the chilliest corners of Liverpool, or Seattle, Vienna and Helsinki.

Military coats for women

Made luxurious by precious jewels applied on the shoulders, this military green coat in wool has been directly inspired by one of the most popular TV fashion shows out now, the one and only Game of Thrones. The structured line and the double-breasted style make us think of Cersei Lannister in a blink, but fashion in TV series dictates new parameters on how the most iconic fashion items can be revamped to become new hot trends, simply by the addition of a detail recalling opulence, to enhance the powerful aura the whole look is about.