The gender-neutral line that doesn’t hint at sexuality signed by Justin Bieber

11.03.2019 | By ELENA LONGARI

Wear like you don’t care

The claim alone is worth more than a thousand words. But despite the anticipated criticism over the recently launched line by pop star Justin Bieber, we’d like to enlighten you with a silver lining – probably the only silver lining. The whole gender-neutral matter has be embraced – and yes, made profitable – by an obviously straight guy, who just married with a girl as proof of it.

The fashion ghetto was already on the verge of making over the edge of its own boundaries, but Drew House’s attachment to the matter comes as understated and voluntarily disjointed by any LGBT messages.

What strikes about the models picked for the launch of the collection isn’t their sexuality, as in ‘my collection is gender neutral, here’s a queer guy sporting my shorts’.

With the motto’ imagine a bunch of homies chilling by the pool in the Valley, skating to the local donut shop, not worried about tomorrow or next week because today is a good day. At the Drew House, you can just be yourself and “wear like you don’t care, Drew House’s aesthetic incorporates streetwear, workwear and yes plenty of flashy icons.

Drew, Justin Bieber’s surname, launched with a pair of hotel slippers featuring a very iconic smiley face. They sold out in a jiffy. A part from this debatable footwear, the collection is an ode to camel corduroy – and a good dose of misplaced logomania.

All in all the feel we got from a first look at Drew House Lookbook can be expressed with one word: uniform. This is where Justin Bieber’s got it spot on: regardless of how tasteful, flattery or claiming to be sustainable his products are, there’s this thing of translating the concept of unisex (read gender neutral) into practical ‘hanging out’ uniforms.

It has been a rather intense year for Justin Bieber, having just completed one of many people’s life achievements and tying the knot with model Hailey Bieber (nee Baldwin). What about their ‘Whirwind Romance’ Vogue cover? That’s not it, apparently the Biebers are in talks about a possible reality show on their newly wedded status, which is rather surprising given also all the recent news about the Canadian singer struggling with coping with depression.

In the meantime, before we get to tune in with show, you can go and wonder how to style Drew House’s hoodies and t-shirts, the turtle neck t-shirts too, as well as wide leg trousers and long sleeve button down shirts. Or better, you can appreciate how little styling it is needed when wearing such urban monotone uniforms. What you will be left to do is to make them pop with your personality, and we are sure this is what was in Bieber’s mind from the start.

Lastly,  you can keep asking yourself how long Bieber will be taking time off music still, having been on hiatus for now three years, as his last album Purpose dates back to 2015.


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