The Manual Art Behind Chinoiseries Seen at Salone del Mobile 2019

12.04.2019 | By ELENA LONGARI

Contemporary is an adjective we have learnt to detach from the idea of modern; today design, art and fashion interpret the word contemporary through the most innovative renditions of past traditions and ancient times. One way of bringing to 2019 the artistic flair and the manual skills of long-gone times is through the art of Chinoiseries. For this edition of Salone del Mobile, SALDA® Arredamenti presents a collection that integrates eclectic elegance and experimental boldness in decoration, including the fine lines and fantastic imaginary of Chinoiseries.

We have had a chance to take a look at the all the stages of this meticulous art in the creation of the decoration of the hand painted glass for a Chest of drawers Louis XVI.

Chinoiseries is a type of decoration of the Asian flavour, pinching imaginary and subjects from the Chinese culture. From natural landscapes with fantasy flair, dragons and colourful birds, mesmerizing pavilions and the sweeping lines of the Chinese pagodas as well as people in Chinese clothes became popular in the West in the 18th century on different types of décor objects: porcelains, silk and lacquerware.

The process to achieve such a detailed craftsmanship piece is one we can document thanks to skilful hands of artist Paola Perego, who takes us through how she translates the aesthetic of a furniture firm founded in 1870 by two interior designers of the Austrian royal house into the piece for this Salone del Mobile 2019.

Discovering the delicate and meticulous work put into the creation on single piece is an inspirational moment that allows us to reconnect with our human side; abandoning the fast life to engage ourselves in rewarding activities that give us satisfaction whilst allowing us to establish a relationship with our human side and other humans. These types of forms of art would be the digital era forms of escaping Instagrammable art, pop up art, and all of those artefacts that are aimed at satisfying us, but only for what concerns our ‘instant’ needs; imagine fast food art, now think about the opposite. This is what the craftsmanship and the, allow us, patience, behind this form of art&design are worth to be looked at.


“The drawing has been designed specifically for this piece taking inspiration from an antique chinese piece of furniture; I have replicated some of subjects, whilst creating some other from scratch, as the dragon. I wanted to give it a modern vision of a classic theme, trying to keep the style of the brand.”

Black outline on glass, tracing the line of the drawings placed underneath the glass

“This is the part that takes the longest and requires the most attention, as the glass is painted reversed, the outlines are painted first, then the crosshatches, where it is very important to keep the trait accurate even if I am working the other way round. The final result can be admired only when the glass is turned around.”

Filling with colours

”I have used bicomponent colours, which are usually utilized for glass painting. The range of colours I have chosen is wider compared to the traditional one for this type of decorations, even though I kept the classic hues of the Chinese decorative art: brown, ocre and brick. In some areas I have also used red and the golden leaf.”

Golden leaf and final coating

Ultimately in away, the final piece itself is able to establish a special connection with humans, attracting us with its glamorous colours, mesmerizing us with its imaginary composition of oriental characters.

The piece represents the collection exhibited at Salone del Mobile 2019 thanks to the mix of ancient techniques used to create the decoration and the employment of fashionable and fine materials such as the golden leaf. This juxtaposition of modern vs traditional, eclecticism vs simplicity as well as western vs eastern has been Salda’s aesthetic across the centuries.

Thanks to the use of colour and the attention to details focus of the label’s work, Salda has been exhibiting their creations at the Art&Design Gallery Mobillissimi, one of the most elegant showrooms in Moscow.