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The most stylish male characters off our fave TV shows


With D360 digging into TV series attire as we speak, there’s a whole topic that requires our attention.


The topic of men.


Not any men. The most stylish male characters featured on the newest and most classic TV shows.

Who’s your favourite? Warning: this editorial will only look at the fashion side of things, so if you are expecting to see Dexter Morgan (Dexter) and his khaki chino+green polo shirt combo, please, look away now. Or not, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by so many other marvels of the world of style.

Harvey Specter, Suits

Not just him, Mike Ross too. And we did get a glimpse of their off-duty elegance and style at their colleague’s wedding (only the Royal Wedding). Why do they matter so much? Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams did show the world how business is done, literally, from 9am to 9pm.

Tom Shelby, Peaky Blinders

We have written a full editorial on how stylish Tom Shelby is in those disconnected haircuts, his tweeds and rounded collar shirts.

Why does Cillian Murphy matter so much?

He is the one that showed men how to be stylish and charming with grit, romance and toughness: without that retro attire we don’t know if we would have heard the message so loud and clear.


Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch did have to impersonate one of the most intelligent and bravest men ever narrated: plus, there’s that British gentleman flare to him we cannot quite grasp if it’s made of the utterly superb coats.

Why does he matter?

Brains and fashion can go side by side.


DCI John Luther, Luther

Is Luther one of the most underrated TV series ever? If yes, we don’t why. It’s the best mix of crime, drama, action and great acting we have witnessed on British TV.

Why does Idris Elba matter so much?

We’ve seen him just recently as one of the first guests turning up at the Royal Wedding and probably as one of the most elegant ones too, in a black lounge suits. He shows us how a broad shoulder man like him can get perfect tailored suits, and get to chase maniacs in them.


Kevin Garvey Jr, The Leftovers

Why does Justin Theroux matter as one of the most stylish TV series characters?

Never mind his leather jacket, it’s all down to his grooming. Masculine but polished, young but mature. We know the Leftovers isn’t a place where you’d normally look for fashion, but hey, they did have a great deal of total white in there!


Negan, The Walking Dead

From one biker jacket to another one, this one is thought to be one of the most malicious and sadistic villains we have seen on TV in the last couple of years. The white tee and biker jacket combo does give you the chills thanks to Jeffrey Dean Morgan evil smile, sense of humour and banter.

Does it mean the combo is symbol of power?

In 2018 it does.


James Delaney, Taboo

Tom Hardy has been many things on the big screen, most frequently one of the best villains of all times, but in Taboo he is a hybrid: he goes from his imaginary memory where he bathes naked to wearing a top hat and some of the coolest period attire we’ve seen, including the most excruciatingly powerful shearling coats (in black).

Elliot Alderson, Mr Robot

Not your elegant and abiding to etiquette kind of male TV character, Rami Malek features in Mr Robot as one of the most subversive male characters we’d like to feature here. Hooded jumper: check. Baggy jeans: check. But it’s the  sarcastic smile that puts the right attititude to such a casual urban look.