The right look when it matters the most: how to dress for an interview


First impressions are everything, not always but surely when you set foot in your dream company hoping to get that job you have been chasing for the last year, so how to get you interview look right? We have all the tips and the right fashion trends to put you amongst the top 5 candidates as you cross that door, check them out.

Interview looks for women

Understated elegance

We all agree on the fact that first interviews should be considered as possibly one of the most formal daytime events you may have to attend during your life: but there’s a rule you must follow as your fashion bible. You don’t want to be looking too elegant, too much put together, too matchy-matchy. Your elegance needs to come across as something you were born with, and that you will be able to replicate it any other given time. A kimono jacket over cropped wide leg pants is the interview outfit that can make you look formal but still you.

Cool elegance

Sometimes when it comes to interview attire for women all it matters is that you know who you are interviewing for, not just because you will be able to tweak your CV as much as possible to suit their company strategy, but also because you need a look to match the spirit of that particular company: institutional, creative, quirky, hippy and so on. Take this vertical stripes blazer and pants to match: would it be OK as a corporate job interview outfit? Maybe not, but it could work as your showstopper if you were interviewing in the communication sector.

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As a rule of thumb stay away from bold colours, patterns and styles. This doesn’t necessarily mean to wear black and you should stay away from a head to toe funeral look. Some of the best interview outfits you can think of work on the colour on colour combination: even an olive green can look stunning and add character to your image if you dare enough to wear the whole combo – jacket, pants and turtleneck, which is also much more of a thing now than a shirt.

Classic chic

If instead you really need to go for that corporate job interview we mentioned above, you can still look powerful and with bags of confidence if you wear a longline wool jacket and matching pants in a colour that is soft and classy such as this light sage suit. Either a matching turtleneck or soft blouse are perfect, depending on the season.

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What to wear for an interview tips:

  1. Less is more: don’t wear too much jewellery, too much makeup and a fancy hairdo that takes more than 10 min to put together.
  2. Check clothes fit you right before D-day: you know you have that blazer and pants that are just perfect for the job, but make sure buttons are not too tight, hems are in check and that there are no stains or other traces of neglecting.
  3. Golden rule of interview attire: never aim at being sexy, you should be able to charm them in ways other than a plunge V-neck.


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Interview looks for men

Business casual, but with elegance

Nothing is worse than overdressing for an interview, which mean that if you are not going for a C level position or similar in the corporate world, chances are you will ace that interview with a toned down jacket and pants combination. A tech fabric suit can be matched to a sleek tee underneath, but you can tone it up a notch with a slim fit shirt.


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The turtleneck trick

If you are looking for how to dress for an interview in a smart but not over the top way, a perfect combination for any type of sector and company is the turtleneck worn underneath a suit jacket and matching pants. Make sure the turtleneck is light and stay away from chunky knitwear, and opt for darker colours compared to the suit jacket.


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The creative job look

What to wear for an interview when your jobs belongs to the category of nonstandard job? You would look like an utter fool if you turned up in a black suit, white shirt and slim tie. Either you opt for brutal minimalism or go out there with accents of flamboyance; velvet on an oversized jacket, or an injection of bold prints, or the perfect shoe, the one with the never seen before type of wow factor.


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Tips for men’s interview looks

  • Avoid trainers as much as possible, even if it is a creative job you have been selected for
  • Make sure oversized is something you achieve by intention and your suit jackets and pants fit your to perfection
  • When unsure, stick to neutral colors, even for accessories
  • If you wear a tie, it does need to be contemporary and not give away the feel of something popped out from the wardrobe on seldom occasions