The truth about Detox tea or Teatox


There’s a ‘truth’ about Teatox and this is it: teatox works, but you will have to find the right one for you! That’s why we have been looking around as well as tested some of the most famous detox tea available out there; when it comes to the latest fads, provided they are not blatantly a potential harm to our health, we are in it!

Check out all there is to know about the detox tea trend

What does detox tea do?

In order to understand what detox tea does, we have to look into what detox tea is and what it contains. The best claim about teatox is that it is all natural ingredients. OK, it sounds obvious, why would you detox your body from nasty things by consuming more chemicals and man made substances?

The natural ingredients contained in detox tea are herbs and fruits thought to be able to speed up the metabolism, such as guarana, a natural stimulant containing a higher amount of caffeine than coffee. Other ingredients are dandelion flower, ginger and liquorice, which are renowned for their anti-inflammatory and cleansing powers.

Some detox tea may also contain natural laxatives such as senna leaf, which are supposed to help out with constipation.

What does detox tea do, then? Although the ‘slimming’ claim has been put out there officially by the most popular detox tea sellers, detox tea benefits are very much linkable to weight loss. Creating a sense of fullness, speeding the metabolism and reducing feeling bloated are all very good claims to the eyes of those who seek some natural aids to  their weight loss process.


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How does teatox work?

There are different types of ‘methods’ according to which the consumption of tea tox is based. Some brands promote a morning boost tea and a night cleanse, some base it around one tea bag a day only; some are through to be prepared like normal teas, i.e. by pouring hot water in cup and dunk in the teatox bag.

Other brands sell tea bags that you will have to leave in infusion in cold water, for about 30 minutes.

It is all very simple and hassle free if you look at it from a practical point of view, especially if you already are into the habit of having fruit tea or herbal tea once a day.

Does detox tea work?

The premise is that detox tea makers’ claim isn’t ‘slimming’ per se, although a certain Chinese brand came up with a brand name that is rather misleading: it is called Sliming, and the first time I read it my eye was caught by its neon green packaging, guess where my brain went? Slime, as in the slithery substance kids and adults have been playing since the 80s.

What is the claim of detox tea makers? It’s exactly the same claim the ingredients contained in detox tea have, naturally, proven by science. So yes, it does work, but as with anything you start taking to reduce your weight, the matter is more on how balanced your lifestyle is. No detox tea will have shifting those pounds off if your intentions are to gobble down cheeseburgers AF when you get a tiny bit peckish.

Can teatox harm you?

Once you have checked there are no hidden ingredients contained in the type of detox tea you have just decided to go for and that your doctor cleared there are no risks linked with your current health situation, there is one major consideration to take into account when evaluating detox tea side effects; too much of it might not be as good as you’d think. A chronic consumption of laxatives will weaken your system as well cause stomach cramps.


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What brands and teas?

From Skinny Mint to Yogi Tea or the more old school green tea detox, the way you go about in choosing what type of detox tea is for you is flavour, if it contains gluten and if it serves more of a booster of the metabolism or as something that can help you with your sleep.

Put the kettle on then and get teatoxing!