The ultimate guide to the perfect engagement party


So, you or someone close to you has just gotten proposed to and is still feeling a bit woozy from all the emotions as well as the excitement of taking your relationship a notch further. The thought in mind, in this euphoric state, is showing off your ring and letting everyone who matters to you know that you are now engaged.

What better excuse to celebrate your joy with family and friends than an engagement party? We have looked into everything there is to know on how to organize such a gathering, that way, you won’t have to stress too much.

What is an engagement party

So, what is an engagement party? It is definitely not the same thing as a stag night or hen party. It is an intimate celebratory event that is held for the couple to show off the ring and introduce both families together. Back in the days, the tradition of hosting an engagement party fell in the hands of the bride’s parents, but now, an engagement party can be carried out by friends or family.


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How to plan an engagement party

If you are looking to host an engagement party for yourself, a friend or family member, you need to plan on how to achieve a party that everyone will remember with fond memories.

Prepare a guest list

Are you sticking to just family members or are our family and friends going to be invited to your party? Then follow up yourself or assign tasks. What are friends for? Your best friend Ashley would be happy to follow up on the R.S.V.P while you follow up on other things. Remember that your engagement party can be larger than your wedding if you prefer a small intimate wedding and crowd.

Have a budget

Have and stick to a budget because if you ask ‘how much does an engagement party cost?’ you won’t have a definite answer. The actual cost is your set budget, which varies, and sure, you might have a theme in mind, you need to stick to your budget. Keep in mind that a wedding will have to be planned for after.

Set a date and venue

Choose a suitable date that is perfect for both the couple and the guests, then decide on a venue for the engagement party. Are you going to have it at home or find a location? Take into consideration the ease of access to the place.


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Food, drink and décor

This should be planned once you have a venue. Would you be paying for catering, or will the location you chose be providing it? Are you going to have a theme that you would like to follow to the last detail in terms of colours and style or just take it easy?

Plan activities to keep guests engaged

As the bride’s family and friends will be meeting with the groom’s, think of fun activities to keep all the guests engaged such as ring hunt, creating a custom snap geo filter and hashtag for social media memories and engagement-themed charades


Get someone to handle the photography for that day. You can also opt for someone professional to ensure everyone looks like a million bucks and every moment captured


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Engagement party étiquettes

If you are hosting, do not drink too much. Instead, mingle and introduce guests to each other. Thank them for coming and have fun.
If you are a guest, it is the couple’s day, dress decently, do not try to outshine, and bring a gift.

Engagement party gifts


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A lot of people wonder, ‘are engagement party gifts required?’ Well, the ethical thing to do is to bring a gift to show your support to the to-be couple.
Create a gift registry. It helps your guests to pick out from your preselected gift list. If you prefer not to receive any engagement gifts, you can suggest charity guests can donate to.
As a guest, if there is no guest list, look for something simple and sweet to gift the couple.
As a host, remember there is also the option of giving out memorabilia gifts to the guests.

What to wear to an engagement party


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Engagement party outfits should be appropriate for the party’s setting or theme. For an outdoor celebration, wear a comfortable dress, but if you are aiming for something more formal, wear a cocktail dress.
In terms of colours, you don’t really have to wear an all-white outfit if you don’t want to. You can wear any colour of your choice, but white is an excellent way to say it is your day. Also, dress to complement your partner’s outfit.
As a guest, if there is no dress code, keep it simple, as your plan is not to overshadow the bride to be as it’s her day and deserves all the attention.

Hire a party planner

If after reading and you feel it is still too much to do, just hire a party planner and sit back and relax while basking in the glory of the shine from your new finger candy.