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The Old Continent, Europe, a mix of culture and languages, which historically jammed in at time less orthodox ways; from the Northern and Icelandic blissful landscapes, to the organised chaos of central London; from the luxury of the Amalfi Coast to the wilderness of Portugal’s coast; there’s one way to experience all of these in one place, and that’s with Europe’s best music. For their stunning architecture, the range of DJs and events they attract and for putting up the best parties, here are the best clubs in Europe you should ping on your map.

Printworks, London

An industrial space that become one of the landmarks in the cultural scene in London and in the UK; the narrow main floor used to once be the biggest print facility in Europe and the whole venue reflects its industrial heritage with original mechanical equipment placed across the six floors. With 125 artists and 25 shows taking place only between September 2018 and January 2019, the Printworks is where to go clubbing in Europe especially for those electronic music addicts who are looking to see their favourite artists live.

Photo by Jake Davis

Le Montana Club

Born in the 70s as a Jazz Club, Le Montana Club is famous for its terrace, which overlooks Saint Germain district in Paris; its iconic status as one of the best cubs in Europe comes also for the sleek decor, embodying all the retro Parisienne charm. Since its relaunch in 2009 during Paris Fashion Week the club’s dancefloor has been graced by A-listers such as Lenny Kravitz and Kate Moss.


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Apollo Milano

Apollo is the God of Music and just for this reason the Milanese club has a set for itself a bit challenge; founded by Tiberio Carcano and Marcellina Di Chio, who already one of the best nightlife parties in Milan called Rollover, it has everything and more you need to enjoy Milano by night. Away from pretentious decor, it hosts a cocktail bar, a restaurant and the quirky dancefloor which seems carved out of a living room with a retro vibe. If you wish to party, Apollo Milano is a good alternative to the big gigs at Magazzini Generali, which is one  of the best clubs in Europe for its lineups.


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Berghain Panorama, Berlin

Not only one of the best clubs in Europe, Berghain is considered one of the most important underground clubs in the world. Located in the area of  Ostbahnhof station, it is set in the buildings of a former electric plant of East Berlin; opened officially in 2004, the club has been previously known by different names, including Ostgut and Snax. With its 18 meters tall main room, which can take up to 1.500 people, Berghain is where techno sound find their more primordial expression. At the Panorama Bar, situated upstairs, the tones are turned down to represent  a more eclectic electronic sound.


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Un undisputed governor of Barcelona night scene, known as its dancing mecca, Razzmatazz is one where to experience the best nightlife in Europe, as it is in fact located in the Spanish symbol of nightlife. The live music stage of the Rex room is actually an international stage where artists of the likes of Calvin Harris have performed. Whatever genre of music you’re into, Razzmatazz has something on in one of its 5 rooms.


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The Villa Oslo

Electronic dance music, especially techno with few sprees of drum & bass as well as dubsteps events it is one of the best clubs in Oslo where to find Norwegian and international artists. Opened in 2007, the venue also hosts experimental acts shows and cutting edge rock and it gathers emerging talents thanks to its ‘open decks’ project, where they ask amateurs to upload their Soundcloud tr30-60 minute DJ set to get 80 minute at their SweatShop department.


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