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The world would be a better place if we all had our ‘doula for life’, a life coach

03.11.2018 | By ELENA LONGARI

Have you ever stumbled across the word ‘doula’? If you have, chances are you have recently become a parent and benefitted from the services of a doula in advising you and guiding you through the whole pregnancy, or even before that. The question is: wouldn’t it we all experience the ultimate balance in life detection if we had some sort of doula helping us out through life?

How can a life coach be your lifelong doula – or even just during your rough patches?

Matter of facts, I am a mother, of two actually, but I had never heard of the word doula before today. This doesn’t mean I didn’t have my emotions, moods, cries, laughter, body weight, body odours, body confidence and every single breath I took transferred into some sort of examination during pregnancy. Even though, as a mom to be you just want to carry on with life and avoiding getting your head too much over the ‘what is going to happen to my baby if …. I don’t take those yoga classes?  I don’t choose its name by 34th week? I don’t eat tuna…. And an endless list of unanswered questions that will torment any mother even after the birth of their children as in ‘My baby doesn’t sleep because I didn’t take yoga classes’.

Even without a dedicated person, a doula, providing emotional support during those 9 months, I feel that the attention I myself put into spotting any possible swing of the mind and my physical conditions, has taught me a big lesson: listen to yourself, and let others guide you into finding comfort, solutions to your worries and allow them to share with you. No matter how much you try to be yourself’s life coach, the best results are when you externalise your worries and let others filter, channel and find solutions to what troubles in life or better, to make the most out of your life. Let’s be frank, pregnancy isn’t as bad is many people think, and life shouldn’t be as bad either. We are the worst culprits at making a misery out of it and knowingly blames ourselves for it.


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If self-pity and pregnancy are two words you cannot see in the same sentence, self-pity and life coach are too. But what is a life coach and what is the difference between them and a therapist?

What you can expect to experience during a life coach session does somewhat match the ‘I’m going to tell you things about myself I never knew about myself’ type of conversation, but chances are if a therapist does not reciprocate the intimacy level of information shared, a life coach is able to suggest you where to go in life using their experiences  – amongst other things – to motivated you to do well.

Instagram life coaches are probably more widespread than doulas, life coaches and therapists nowadays. When you scroll through their feeds, not only do you enter a world of wonderful things, a beautiful life that is also healthy and rewarding, but soon-to-be ‘patients’ have the chance to grasp facts and details about their personal lives too. This only means that being life-coached can never be compared to going to therapy: the life of a life coach as in our modern days of social media, likes and  insta stories, is as public as any public personality’s.


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But what does a life coach do? What do they prescribe? Sure thing is, a life coach will not issue any prescription at all, and although many life coaches might be certified medics, their duty is to mentor ‘clients’ more than ‘treating patients’. This means for example that a life coach would tell you to see a therapist if the suspect is that you may suffer from depression, or to see a nutritionist if you are finding it hard to fit in a diet in your busy schedule.

How much do life coaches make? It has been found that life coaches are at times therapists who realise they can make more money through life coaching sessions, and have also realised there’s more demand for it.

If you are thinking that your life could be turned around by becoming a life coach yourself, you should be checking out what course and accredited training are available in your area.