Things to do in Shanghai that are worth a visit


It’s the second biggest city in the world for number of people who live in it, with a stunning 24.18 million until 2017: so, what to do in Shanghai? We have gathered up some of the best Shanghai attractions that will have you checking out flight tickets in a jiffy.

Where is Shanghai?

We all know which side of the world Shanghai is, and country too, but some facts about its location will make see further into the beauty of this city full of contrasts and charms. It settles on the delta of Yangtze river, which drains in the East China Sea. The area is the most densely populated on earth.


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Old Town

Shanghai isn’t only its unbelievable skyline, which includes the second tallest building in the world. One of the things to do in Shanghai is actually to discover its history, some of which dates back to 771 BC.

Yùyuán Gardens 

You wouldn’t believe how blissful and peaceful these gardens are, with their pools reflecting the light, and the blossom of the Magnolia fill in the air with a fragrance you won’t expect to find in such a busy city. This is one the best Shanghai attractions to discover its old flavours.


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Temple of the Town God

Located in the Middle Fangbang Road, reaching Yu Garden in the south the area of Old Town God Temple is jam packed with culture, with its 9 palaces and the array pf performances visitors can watch in the streets, including bizarre attractions such as cock fighting. Dating back to the 15th century, the Temple of the Town God is dedicated to the Han dynasty; it is where the locals pay their tribute to the different divine figures of the Chinese Zodiac.


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What to buy at Old Town Shanghai: Shiliupu Fabric Market

Not only you can pick the fabric you want to make the ultimate jacket you have been looking for and never found, but one of the things to do in Shanghai you won’t see available anywhere else is to get that fabric turned into a suit, pretty much on the spot, by a tailor. They are the best replicas you can get, if that’s what you want.


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The Bund

One of Shanghai’s landmarks is without a doubt the Bund, recognised as a living museum of the colonial history of the 1800. Here you can just stroll along and discover the array of buildings, 52 to be precise, all of which feature a different architectural style, from gothic to neoclassical. Not only this, if you are after a bit of local flavours the Bund is where to spot Shanghainese doing their morning exercises, and maybe you can join them too.


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China’s tallest building

Looking up in the sky at the some of the most majestic works of architecture is one of the things to do in Shanghai, but you can actually get a closer look: the 121-storey, 632m twisted tower located in Lùjiāzuǐ opened in 2016 has the tallest observation deck in the world.


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What to do in Shanghai: Shanghai Fake Markets, so that you know

You need to see it with your eyes, right? Cheap, really cheap, even cheaper clothes, that’s what Shanghai is unique for too. From Qipu Lu Clothing Market, where you can get any type of clothes you want for very little money if you are willing to scrum with the locals, to Hongqiao pearl market, looking for bargains is one of the best things to do in Shanghai.


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Best Shanghai attractions

On top of the Bund and the Temple of the Town God, Longhua Temple and Pagoda are amongst some of the best Shanghai attractions you must pin on your map. The temple is one of the oldest religious sites in China and next to it you can admire a 40 meter tall pagoda made of wood and brick.


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Shanghai at night

Who said that shopping is just for day time? One of the best things to do in Shanghai at night is actually a well-deserved shopping spree in Nanjing Road, one of the busiest streets in the city. Here you will find anything from high end brands to vintage brands, all accompanied by a good dose of eateries and of course the chance to see the night lit up in the city’s  glimmering colours.

Best time to visit Shanghai

If you live in Europe, Shanghai’s humid weather basically follows the same seasons, with temperatures dropping in winter, but rarely below zero, rising in summer: the best time to visit Shanghai is spring, when the climate is milder, although buying a little umbrella is advisable.