Top of the cropped tops [the cheese]


This 2018 fashion has been playing a tricky game of cropping anything it had a chance to set eyes on. We have been already complimenting how unveiling those inches of skin above the ankle can change your silhouette dramatically. But cropped tops are a different story, similar to the one of #freethenipple we have been telling you about.

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The Kardashians, the Hadids, Miss Baldwin and Miss Jenner have reached the ‘top’ of cropped tops through and throughout 2018: this is the look we feel confident about promoting as the most wearable, for any kind of body shape. A white cropped tee is matched with high waist jeans, so that the inches of belly skin out are limited to almost none. Distracting from it all as well the metallic jewel collar.


Look away now if you are not ready to be tempted in wearing something just a little more covering than a bra. Kendall here is filling up her Cadi in a sporty/cute outfit made of a mono ruffle cropped top in a checkered print. (High waist jeans and trainers a must to complete the look)

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Hailey Baldwin uses the off the shoulder trick to take her cropped top to romantic material: essential, minimal, yet ever so exquisite. How to get it right? This particular cropped top has the right design to be styled for more ‘mundane’ situations: try it with a pair of black palazzo pants and high heel pointy pumps.

What’s the best outfit you can wear to cheer your fave team? If you’re not one of the cheerleaders, you can still go for that athletic femininity with a total denim look that starts from a cropped top: frayed hems and glitters are the only embellishment you need. Oh wait, that’s not a neutral colour fabric, she’s actually going for sporty bra under that denim jacket.

In this outfit we are sure though that what we see  on Winnie Harlow is a cropped top, featuring a whole line of clip buttons: a sporty feel oomphed by the camo fanny pack – seen those oversized hoops?

Total sporty. There is one thing to be mentioned about cropped tops and on how some of the ladies mentioned above have been spotted wearing the thing out and about: cropped tops are tricky, not just because, undeniably, regardless of body positivity enthusiasm and such, you gotta have the body for it. There’s no hiding behind anything. Then there’s the ‘If I lift my arm to take a sip, my underboob will be on show’. Some do think that’s kind of the point. We say, it’s up to you. Or, go for this sporty cropped top, which features a functional elastic band just under there.

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Un post condiviso da Alexis Ren (@alexisren) in data:

Yes, we agree with HER here. But we agree more on the sleeves of this cropped top. It just happens to be one of those outfits we all want but don’t dare to wear? We are legitimising it right now. Go for it.

Then, you can also turn up at the Cannes Film Festival in this gorgeous pants suit and jacket in off -white with black lapel hems, which are matched with a black really cropped top . It’s all done sleek to perfection, with the tidy mid-parting hairdo, the understated jewellery and formal shoes. That’s how to take it away.

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Then there one of the classics, that way of knot your top so that you look as hip as we used to be back in the 80s. Go for a side knot, that makes it girly-cool. You choose at what height you want go for that knot, rapper Salma Slims has gone for underboob. We kind of agree with it.