Tracking style: the trendiest fitness trackers 2018


We have been looking around some of the best fitness trackers out there, as well as other tracking gadgets you may be able to get yourself just for the fun of it. Now we want to entice you with the fun side of things: which fitness tracker is the best-looking one? Which one looks like a fancy piece of jewellery that you can you wear with your posh frocks?


If you want to make of it a matter of style, keep reading our cutest and fanciest fitness trackers out there

Bellabeat Leaf Urban

From the ‘organic design’ you can easily make out how this fitness tracker is all about style: you can wear it as a necklace or a bracelet, or you can clip it as you would for a statement broach. All in all, it’s a very smart piece of jewellery. Plus: ‘the leaf looks good in any season’.

Michael Kors Fitness Tracker

What we really like is that the American designer managed to pack a whole lot of high spec functions into a very feminine and sophisticated fitness tracker: if you asked us, the pink tone and the minimalistic design make for the best fitness tracker 2018.

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Fit Bit Flex 2

We mentioned this fitness tracker a while ago amongst the best watches and smartwatches for her for Christmas, and we have now to reinforce how this is one of the best looking fitness trackers out there for her:  a jewel, that comes in gold and silver, that is actually the best accessory for your fitness tracker,  thanks to its elegant and chic design.

And if that isn’t pretty enough for you, FitBit have just introduced a new health tracking tool to go with your fancy fitness tracker, a special feature especially designed for women.  A tool that ‘empowers you to use your cycle to get to know yourself on a whole new level. You’re going to love it, period’

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Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray have got a thing for badass girls and having one of their fitness trackers will definitely give you that boost of confidence: it’s made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminium and instead of the circular shape, this fitness tracker is rather contained and looks like a cool bracelet. It features only one LED, where different colours are displayed when you get a notification on your phone.

Misfit ray have also recently launched their translucent ‘collection’ of bright translucent accessories for Shine 2, Ray, Vapor and Command. Read more about on how transparency is becoming this year top trend here.

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If you are looking for sleek sophistication, the Amazfit Equator is one of the best fitness trackers we keep seeing styled for any sort of looks in 2018: from a classy boardroom outfit to a jog in the park, the ceramic shell framed by an essential band in matte black or rose gold is as versatile as functional. It comes with interchangeable accessories, to even add more versatility.

This stylish, ceramic-based device allows you to track and record steps, distance travelled and calories burned. It will also monitor sleep quality and receive incoming call vibration alerts.

Doesn’t this  fitness tracker look like the perfect excuse to go an buy an array of colourful bracelet to style with it? Even if you are not into monitoring your daily activities, you’ll end up wanting one of these just for its exquisite design.

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