Under Kim’s skin: take a look at this crazy accessory trend


Take a look at one of Kim Kardashian’s latest tweets and you won’t be able to stop looking at it.

The internet has done it again, this time with the help of some major celebs: it has created once again something we cannot bring ourselves to stop staring at.

Is that it?

Is this apparently implanted under the skin choker just a click bait creation? If Kim Kardashian is wearing this glowing chain, other celebs are sporting something we can define as ‘body modifications’.

But there’s more to it than just a bit of digital buzz.

“My necklace glows like a heartbeat,” Kardashian said in the video. “It moves to the rhythm of my heartbeat. Thank you A. Human.”

It’s called A. Human and it is a futuristic fashion brand. Along Kim Kardashian, it has ‘recruited’ for an avant-garde experiment beauty of the like of Chrissy Teigen had an intricate work of feathers moulded on her chest – they also grow out of her chest.

What if you could change your body as easily as you change your clothes? This is the question asked by A.Human’s conceiver Simon Huck .

He is clearly suggesting a way of self-expressing with no fears, something that goes beyond fashion and pushes any types of boundaries. If you look at transgender supermodel Andreja Pejic ‘s skin-sculpted shoulders, The Pinnacle, you’ll see how the word ‘style’ might have to be reinterpreted in the future.

Un post condiviso da Andreja Pejic (@andrejapejic) in data:

Opening at 48 Mercer Street on September 5 in New York, the show will be featuring a lot more than lip fillers and body implants you might have come to be accustomed to thanks to the Kardashians’ popularity.

This time you will be looking at something beautiful and creepy at the same time, just the world likes it now – who knows what the future holds.

Huck said about the show in an interview:

“We wanted to use the future of fashion and the future of self-expression as a way to look at the future. That is how the ethos of A. Human formed.”

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Have you stopped looking yet?