Vanessa Beecroft – Bodies & Images

18.03.2019 | By PAOLO BOCCHI

A girl born in Genoa. And she decides that art will be part of her life. And she feels attracted by fashion and its messages. So, secretly, Vanessa Beecroft starts to connect bodies, images, references, photographs, books, styles, colors, differences, similarities.
Thus creating tableau vivants

“When I was a teenager, I was impressed by a cover of Vogue magazine. At that time my mother would have misjudged me if she had known I was reading fashion magazines. For this reason I hid the magazines under the bed, and to reduce the bulk and volume, I kept only a few pages, those that interested me.
Some of those pages I kept contained photos of Twiggy or iconographic shots like those of Helmut Newton.
I think my work is halfway between my knowledge of paintings, the women I saw on the street, and the images seen while was leafing through Vogue.
I grew up with the prejudice that art was something very ‘high’ and that fashion was ‘commercial’ and therefore, automatically, negative. This is why I have always been a little afraid to express my love for certain stylists. And even today, I’m almost afraid to admit the importance that some elements of fashion, fashion designers, magazines, books, photographers, have on society and culture. Stylists can change the way women are seen, by changing their style.”
Vanessa Beecroft. artist. Italian. Born in Genoa. Year 1969.
Her works are real living pictures,
and her performances real events.
Choreography. Bodies. Compositions.
Vanessa Beecroft always seems to be looking for a certain idea of perfection.

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Is this really true?
What I want to communicate with my tableau vivants is a sense of diversity combined with a consolidated and somewhat monumental format. Diversity within the unit. Square and rectangular formations of individuals belonging to different ethnic groups. Different colors, united by a certain order. I wanted people to perceive diversity but similarity at the same time. People of different colors, men, women: all part of something unique. Probably the link between them was nothing other than the human body.