Water fasting; why are people giving it a go


Going cold turkey on food. That’s a good one, isn’t it? Water fasting is exactly a type of fasting that entails not eating anything for a certain period of time. No food, nada, only water for you to fuel your body with.

Despite the fact this type of fasting is subject to plenty of criticism to due its nature and the risks it involves, especially for those who have a specific health condition, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those affected by an eating disorder, there are some precious benefits worth discussing about when it comes to water fasting.

Water fasting, what is it

Water fasting isn’t a practice invented in modern days as it is a ritual coming from ancient cultures, a religious act that seen also in the Bible. What does it actually mean in practical terms?

No one will do water fasting for 30 days. The maximum span of water fasting should be 48 hours and any prolonged period should be strictly monitored by a specialist.

During these 48 hours of water fasting you shouldn’t be eating anything at all, but whilst you might think you should be drinking more than water than usually, it has been found that this can be harmful.

During water fasting you shouldn’t be doing any heavy physical activity, and actually think about resting and staying put; you might experience dizziness and feel irritable, and if any of these should get out of hand, you should stop water fasting immediately.


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Water fasting for weight loss

It’s a no brainer that water fasting leads to an obvious result in terms of weight loss, but bear in mind that the most effective way to lose weight is through a gradual process, as drastic measures can only bring temporary results. If during a water fast you can expect to lose around 1 or 2 pounds a day, there other types of fasting and dietary regimes can lead to more durable results in terms of not gaining weight back.

In no circumstances water fasting should be considered by those individuals who are affected by an eating disorder as this practice may encourage ‘bad habits’ even more.


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Water fasting benefits

If it isn’t for weight loss, why should you try water fasting? In order to understand the major water fasting results, we need to look at water fasting as a process that helps you boost your organism.

  • Water wasting can encourage autophagy, the mechanism by which cells disassembles unnecessary or dysfunctional components, allowing older components to be eliminated and favouring the recycling of cellular components.
  • Amongst the benefits of water fasting also its contribution in improving the metabolism, which is one of the best ways to start a whole and regulated weight loss process. This happens because not eating any food can allow good bacteria to flourish, and the more good bacteria are present in your system, the more your body will be given a natural defence system and aid into assimilating good foods and discard the unnecessary.
  • Water fasting can reduce blood pressure, which is a good thing for those who suffer from high blood pressure, but please refer to a doctor before start water fasting.

Negative effects of water fasting

Not eating any food for prolonged day can widely damage your body as it is forced to source the necessary energy elsewhere, i.e. depriving your muscles from it.

Plus, it has been found that water fasting can also damage the kidneys and can be really dangerous for those affected by a heart disease.


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The luxury water fasting

If you are looking seriously into trying water fasting it is possible to do it in the comfort and the serene atmosphere of a specialist spa clinic that will follow you thanks to the support of specialist doctors into the process. These clinics embrace a whole retreat and cleanse type of treatment and vision, which confirms that associating water fasting mainly to weight loss isn’t the best way to appreciate water fasting results.
Buchinger Wilhelmi Programme is just one stunning clinic set in a breath-taking landscape in Germany, which offers more than 100 years’ experience into fasting.


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The disclaimer not to be missed

Before looking at water fasting and deciding it is the right thing for you, please please make sure you have checked with your doctor.