‘What does Terror Jr mean to you?’ Ask Terror Jr to D360

30.04.2019 | By ELENA LONGARI

What the fuck is a loser? We all die in the future
We can die happy now, we can die happy

Could be a way to decode Terror Jr crypticism when we asked them what there’s behind their name.

The message might be more blatantly in front of our eyes in the chorus of their 2019 Terrified

I’m not afraid of love, I’m terrified’

And you will agree with us in saying our educated guesses are in fact where to start from to understand the type of musical creativity David Benjamin Singer-Vine and Lisa Vitale are capable of, a type of creativity that makes them stand out in an overcrowded contemporary dance-pop scene. We did a swift Q&A session with the duo to find out more about them.

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    D360:Where does the name Terror Jr come from?

    TERROR JR: We can’t tell you that :/ what does it mean to yo

    You might have heard of Terror Jr back in 2016 when the rumour of Kylie Jenner being the lead singer of group came out, as their ‘3 Strikes’ was used as the soundtrack of a Kylie Jenner Lip Gloss commercial. The rumour was later denied on Snapchat.

    D360: Where and how did you two meet?

    TERROR JR: Through the usual networks of music weirdos and stuff 

    2016 was in fact the year of the release of their EP Bob City .That year was indeed the year Trump was elected President. What’s it got to do with terror … Ehm, Terror Jr? It’s about a world of political chaos, a mentally unstable society and what’s worse, nobody really paying too much attention to any of these.

    Earlier this year Terror Jr released their album ‘Unfortunately Terror, Jr’, 15 refreshing tracks on today’s fast food culture, even when it comes to human beings and how self-deprecation is the biggest trend of decade.

    Champagne in my veins
    Bleach soaking into my brain
    This city’s making me crazy
    But they say pretty is pain (Is pain)

    D360: “Unfortunately, Terror Jr” has totalled more than 8m streams on Spotify. How’s everything been since the release?

    Terror Jr: It’s a relief having this album out, we had 3 EPs before this but this is THE album. It’s especially rewarding to see the reaction live to Unfortunately, Terror Jr . . . Makes the year of writing worth it.

    In their Heaven wasn’t made for me Lisa’s distinctive falsetto brings out a melody on  how ‘fake lyrics’ [Like saying things are gonna get better That’s the fakest shit that I ever heard]; the declaration leaves us little doubts on who Lisa and David are and what they want to bring to the big Mad Hatter table of today’s music.

    If there’s people you’ve gotta hate for

    Loving what they made for

    loving who they came for

    But crooked saints get the big reward

    No, Heaven wasn’t made for me


    D360: Your lyrics touch cultural aspects of modern society, what type of kids are Lisa and David?

    DAVID: I’m a fun boy from fun land  

    LISA: I was a quiet kid but I came into my own through the joy of music


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    D360:Can you tell us more about your upbringing before Terror Jr?

    LISA: Midwest, kinda blue collar, a lot of locking ourselves in our parents basements and jamming out 

    DAVID: Berkeley boy, raised with love, like to have fun


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    D360: You are on tour in North America, is Europe going to be in your plans?

    TERROR JR: If they book us, we will come 🙂 that’s where we wanna go next 

    D360: Lisa, if you could define your fashion style with three garments, what would they be?

    LISA: Sparkly purple shoes, classic white Reeboks, comfy Chic


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    Don’t be deceived by all that purple and sparkle – which we need some rehab for – the world Terror Jr are talking about is what’s under that ‘everyone’s perfect’ surface. We all have it, we need all to be less terrified about it.

    If you want to bop more, catch up with Lisa and David on their tour dates!

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