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What happened when I had energy healing to battle the winter blues

25.01.2019 | By LISA HARTLE

For as long as I can remember Winter doesn’t just steal the sunshine but my energy. As soon as I see the trees starting to shed the Summer I know it won’t be long until lethargy hits – winter is my kryptonite.

I have a plant in my room that I’ve named Terry, (after my Dad who bought it for me in case you wondered). Now, in the Summer Terry was on top form, his unapologetically bold leaves seemed to fan out more each day. If Terry had a voice I imagine he would have been singing Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. But today I looked at him and I know Terry is definitely feeling melancholy and probably singing Radiohead’s Creep…on repeat. His new leaves are small and yellow. If he carries on like this, my goal of keeping something living, alive for longer than a few months, will have failed.

He, like me, is desperate for the Summer to arrive and literally feed him with the light again.

Last year I was so desperate for sunlight and to shake off the leach of energy-sapping-darkness I visited the sunbed shop (I wear factor 50 every day so this shows how desperate I was) anyway, it didn’t go well….the bed switched to manual mode at maximum output half-way through so I left there with a slap of red and higher levels of anxiety than when I walked in…I did have more energy though, so every cloud and all that.

So this year I was searching for something to help me climb up the increasingly slippery hill of lowness and tiredness, to reach the summit of feeling normal again where energy levels mean a game of Twister is always a consideration.
Then I randomly came across Maria on Instagram.

Bio energy healing originated in the East more than 5,000 years ago. The practice targets seven energy points in the body known as chakras which are situated from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Maria told me these spinning vibrating points take energy in from the earth and cosmic universe and transform it so the body can use it effectively. She says the energy should flow freely around our bodies but due to the increased pace of our lives and all that comes with it like stress, the energy becomes blocked. When blockages occur this can lead to a decline in health.  Trained therapists like Maria can tune into a person’s bio field, find imbalances and essentially free them up to restore wellbeing.

So I thought I’ll give it a go!  She told me it would take four sessions, each one lasting around 40 minutes. It’s a non-touch therapy, I stood still while Maria used a series of hand movements, not unlike qigong, around my body to move excess energy away or encourage energy into a point where there is too little. It was relaxing, which I didn’t expect. Maria says some clients feel tingling while she works on them but others don’t. My sister was also treated by Maria and she felt this sensation but I didn’t feel anything.

The most interesting session from Maria was the third as she carried this out remotely. At a time we arranged I had to relax on the sofa at home and she got to work from her home.  I know what you’re probably thinking, how? But again the unexpected thing about it was I knew the second she had finished, I just felt it and then she sent me a text to confirm she had completed the session.

After the first treatment I didn’t feel any different but then by the third I realised I wasn’t feeling drained anymore and I’m so happy to say I now have energy levels back to normal. Now I’m fully aware of the power of the placebo, but then like many things in life there can always be other explanations or simply dismissed. All I know for sure is that now I have the energy levels that if someone challenged me to an extreme game of Twister (I imagine this to be going up against a team of gymnasts after a few too many gin and tonics) I’d happily accept.

Another ancient approach to wellness that is growing in popularity is crystal healing among both us mere mortals and celebrities alike. Adele reportedly wears the gem stone Tiger’s Eye on stage while performing – known for its ability to release fear and anxiety while aiding harmony and balance. Other celebrities such as Uma Thurman are said to carry crystals with them on a daily basis while some have them placed around the home.

I’ve been using crystals myself for years and I find entering a crystals shop slightly dangerous because there’s so much on offer. Trawling the shelves of the shop it’s like a shop of dreams, everything you want is on offer. You want to improve your love life…step forward Rose Quartz, you want your own emotional body guard…grab yourself some Black Tourmaline or how about an all-rounder which can be found in the powers of Clear Quartz known as ‘the master healer’. 

A friend of mine sleeps with Rose Quartz under her pillow which she got so comfortable with she forgot about until she had a guy stay over….that was an interesting introduction to the world of crystals for him! But the fact he was there could be a sign the gem did its job! So if you do choose to dabble in the world of crystals just remember where you put them or you could opt for the new trend of popping crystals into your bra!