What we make out of 2018 makeup trends


We haven’t deliberately decided to ignore anything makeup and stay away from blushes and concealers tips for a particular reason, but since Rihanna has made makeup something real with her all-skin-complexion beauty line, we thought the face of makeup is one we like too. Here, amongst a Bag Girl RiRi’s most iridescent glows,

some of 2018 makeup trends to get carried away by, even if you haven’t subscribed yet to any tutorial channels on contouring.

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Korean glass skin

If you have a look on Reddit for Korean glass skin, you’ll see straight up how this rather distinctive makeup trend has actually been around already for some years, it has just happened that the world started to take notice of it lately, or maybe Instagram was invented and we all started seeing things we would have never seen otherwise.

But what is Korean glass skin? Simply the kind of skin we all want, the skin that seems pore-less and as clear as glass: Ellie Choi is one woman responsible for clarifying the real secret behind this astonishing complexion. More than surprisingly, Korean glass skin is not down to makeup, but to meticulous skin care: she reveals in fact, she starts her facial routines with an average t-zone to end up with new-born baby skin.


Here are her top tips:

-I have COMBINATION SKIN. I’ve tried several routine this year and in the last 7 months I feel that this is the best way to get that glow without applying too much! I also do not wear makeup on my skin on most days UNLESS I plan on taking makeup/modeling photos. Of course you can substitute any of these products with another brand that you like! These are just my personal favorites and I highly recommend them. This is not sponsored at all, I bought and tried everything myself! I hope you find this useful and have fun trying it out! ?

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Glow skin

So, having said that Korean glass skin isn’t actually that new of a trend, we can tell you that one thing it brought with it is rather new: treating your skin well. Glow Recipe is a Korean beauty website that has been elevating and translating glass skin into cloudless skin, which simply means healthy looking skin. Featured on Shark Tank, their tips and products do certainly make up for the best recipe for perfect skin.

Strobing makeup

It may sound very captivating and as one of those makeup trends that are not actually trends at all, we mean the ones that people will eventually believe in – as we discussed for nose-hair extensions. If we were familiar with contouring, a makeup trend impossible not to fall for but likewise impossible in its practicality, with strobing the focus is on highlighting. Of course doing shimmery the right way can be tricky for some kinds of skins, so make sure you check on what better products can fit your complexion before you dive into strobing.

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The basics behind strobing are in these useful tips:

  1. skin must be hydrated
  2. highlighter product must be used in the spots that can catch the light as your cheekbones, temples, down the bridge of your nose, below your brow bone, in the corners of your eyes, and above your cupid’s bow.
  3. If your skin is oily, opt for a matt effect highlighter.

Summer 2018 makeup trends:

Natural makeup

Spring Summer 2018 shows had us all paying attention to what the models were wearing and how those looks were completed with what have been declared as 2018 makeup trends: first and foremost, natural makeup. We have all heard it before and we are glad we are contributing in keeping this habit on: summer makeup is light, fresh and natural, or at least, that’s how your end result should look like.

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Pantone eyeshadows

Even if you want keep things light it doesn’t mean you have to give up o colours: pinks, purples and violets are going to blink on those lids, provided you match them with neutral colours on your lips.

Paintbox bright lips

And we guess the trick is to go for the likewise bright pop lip, especially in red and orange or fuchsia, whilst keeping colours to a minimum for the eyes. The tip here is to mix lipsticks to find the right nuances for you: not only that, liquid lipsticks can leave your skin flaky, so it’s bets to apply lipstick first.

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Finally, if you really can’t do without contouring

The easiest way of framing your face with colours is actually with creamy products, as they are much better to apply than stick products and can blend with your skin in a more natural way.