What’s biohacking and why you should or shouldn’t give it a try


Hacking your body isn’t a practice totally new: taking vitamins, dieting, monitoring your sleeping patterns as well as meditating, exercising are all considered biohacking practices. Altering your metabolism , for example with fasting, is one of the possible answers to the questions what is biohacking: but the all ‘biohackers are making the next Frankenstein’ kind of thing is actually hard to demolish if first we don’t take the time to clarify the differences between different types of biohacking.

What is biohacking?

Wellness biohacking

It is probably the only way we would recommend anyone to try biohacking, as it simply gathers all the practices of increasing your vitamins supplements, nutrients or to take up a new habit. This can range from anything like sleeping patterns, for example sleeping no longer than 7 hours, or to avoid any type of food after 8pm to avoid slowing your metabolism down. If were to establish the first rule of a biohacking guide, it would be that you should feel free to try out new things as long as you doctor says there are no risks in relation to your medical situation.

Punk biohacking

In a biohacking guide there should also be those practices you might want to see but never try out first hand: these so called punk biohackers have the desire of looking like aliens and implant ears into their backs. They are also called grinders and are part of the biopunk movement: they practice also the implantation of DIY enhancement into their bodies, such as magnet implants. It sounds a lot like one of those Black Mirror episodes in which chips installed in the body can change not only how one can conduct their lives, but also how society is affected by it.

Extreme biohacking

Punk biohacking is in a way a form of extreme biohacking but extreme biohacking is a practice that embodies a bit of crazy ‘let’s turn humans into cyborgs’ and a lot of ingesting pills, injecting stuff and doing things no one with a mind free of some crazy shit OCD would ever do. Tech guru Serge Faguet for example wears hearing aids (they come at $6,000 only) even if he can perfectly hear everything: he also has developed  a feticism for constantly checking his glucose levels, and he does it via a monitor implanted under his subcutaneous fat on his stomach. He also takes more than 60 pills a day.

If this is how to live forever, kill me now!

By the way, the guy spent 200k on trying to become the next Highlander.


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Biohacking community

It is called Genspace and it comes as a non profit bio community  lab where amateur biohackers as well as professional biohackers experiment with anything from making ‘things glow’ to makings ‘flow’: as they have been under the media radar and have been accused of creating biohazards, they have taken good care in establishing solid ethical rules. For example, they don’t experiment with pathogens, that would be, as founder Ellen Jorgensen defines it ‘bioterrorism’.

Biohacking guide for beginners

Monitor your sleep

You can check not only how many hours you spend sleeping, but also how well you sleep. Technology comes in handy with helping us monitoring our sleep and therefore improve the hack our body by improving the way we sleep. Oura makes a sleep tracker ring however  their first sleeping hack goes like this:

Before stacking up on some outlandish gadgets, maybe you should consider sleep in a room that is totally dark and laying off binge-watching Netflix before bed.


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Biohacking diet

One of the ways to improve mood, energy levels, increase cognitivism and generally feeling better is to biohack your food intakes by an ‘elimination’ diet: try to eliminate for at least four weeks a food that gives you headaches, bloating and digestion problems.

Biohacking detoxing

Detoxing from your smartphone, work, stress and simply being enclosed in four walls all day long are as easy as a walk in the park, literally. Get some fresh air, some sunlight and enjoy the simple things in life, establishing a contact with nature.

Biohacking your mind

There are several biohacking ways to improve your general perception of yourself, life and balance it all out. Meditation is the easiest type of biohacking as well as keeping generally ‘being grateful’ or at least, try be contagiously positive and not the usual nagging soul everyone has now learnt to stay away from in the office.