What’s gender-fluidity? The no binary meaning


The letter Q. All the letters of the alphabet will soon not be enough to identify, label and categorise the most colourful community in the world. The LGBT community has increased its lettering to LGBTQ, with the Q standing for ‘queer’, a word that is strictly linked to a much wider concept of gender-fluidity or queerness. If 12 out of 100 millennials identify themselves with this letter Q,

we are ought to find out more about what gender fluidity is all about.

gender-fluid: denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender

This isn’t of course due to an increased number of people who finally make the big step and do come out, it has more to do with the fact society is opening its narrow minds leaving room enough for individuals to establish who they want to be, despite labels and social conventions. What is the hardest social ‘rule’ to defy? The one stating we are all born as boys and girls, the one dictating your parents have to pick between a Jane and a John when registering your birth minutes after you take your very breath.


How can they know, even before they have looked you in the eye properly, smelt your baby scent, listened to your high frequency cries, if you feel as a Jane or as a John?

But gender-fluidity is another thing: gender fluidity is about feeling Jane one day and John the other: gender- fluidity defies all labels and categories. And if anything in the world is capable of doing that, hats off. Queer and gender-fluid mean you are neither the L, the G, the B or T, but you could be all of them as well

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The non-binary definition of gender

We are born as Xs and Ys: DNA isn’t something you pick and choose, mix and match, defy or will ever be able to tweak according to your gender preferences. Nature is the law. Unarguably. But is also in our nature to defy it: defeating the most hostile climate conditions, curing the incurable, using nature’s produce to our advantage. We destroy nature too, but it is another matter. Gender-fluidity is one of the ways of accepting nature and finding a workaround it, to put it in simple terms: yet non binary gender does not link with the concept of transgender or transsexual in any possible way. Gender fluids do not want to become Jane if they are John.

Defying mother nature is not what we think of when looking at Ruby Rose: nature has been particularly generous with Orange is The New Black actress, who stated:

I am very gender fluid and feel more like I wake up every day sort of gender neutral

This doesn’t necessarily mean she has had a comfortable life, on the contrary her teenage years  were tormented by verbal abuse as she had that tomboy thing going on: even so, after asking herself if transitioning to the opposite gender was going to be the way for her, she concluded that a gender neutral status would be the right option for her.

If her edgy coolness, beauty and talent are not enough alone to seduce you, her gender life story is what we can take as example to explain what gender fluid is: much more than a letter in the alphabet, it is the Q that wants to give options to those people who do not feel in their natural gender but do not aim at permanently changing their nature.

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And if you are still not convinced about gender fluid, take a look at Casey Legler, a former swimmer that made fashion history as the first female model employed exclusively as a male model: she identities as gender-fluid and due to her well-built physique and height Ford have made her their first choice in casting for models for their adv campaign.