© Tigre Zhang & Chicco Jiang

White Street Market Milan 1st edition: young talents, subcultures and sustainability


A successful debut edition for the event that just took place from the 16th to the 18th of June in Milan at the Ex Ansaldo Base, via Tortona 54, at the heart of that area and days where Milan showcases menswear fashion collection.


We have been taking a look around to get a glimpse of what’s to come in the streetwear fashion front that is so crazy that will break the barriers of fashion in general.

From limited edition trainers to special collaborations on unique one-piece denim, White Street Market Milan’s closing day of Monday is still gathering enough Millennials about, and we really wanted to stop by and know the stories and the ideas of each of the brands, concept, emerging talents showing bursting energy through colours and technological innovation.


We’ll get to the big sports brands who contributed to make this festival – organised with the support of Comune di Milano – a go-to appointment not only for fashion enthusiasts but also for buyers.


First, the novelty, the new trends, the never seen before.

If there’s one word you think about when on streetwear talk, that’s skateboarding. No-Made boards’ stand was a proper workshop where surf lovers could get their hands on some paulownia poplar and shape it to create a custom-made board. Sustainability and a new concept of ‘user experience’ are behind these wooden boards, as well as a flair for fashion, with skateboards featuring pop inserts of fabric. Not just that, if you are into this very trendy D.I.Y, No-Made boards organises workshops in some of the most scenic accommodations around Italy, we’ll keep you updated on that.


Denim Days from the Netherlands had us trying on some one-piece denim jackets produced in collaboration with some of the most established brands around. If you have a thing for indigo, Amsterdam will host from the 22nd to the 28th of October a ‘denim festival’ where you will be able to do some vintage treasure hunting, attend seminars and eat proper street food.

Numero 00 came out with a special collection for Lotto designed by Valerio Farina: street style is going in a direction we and you are going to like so much. If you are not a Centennial, you might have worn Lotto, Umbro, Ellesse, Robe di Kappa and other ‘team’ made attire, whatever sports you were practising age 12 to 17. Well, now it’s all back greater than ever, except  this time you get to look super cool with these ‘street uniforms. From black pin striped joggers that can work well as a night outfit as well, to side bands joggers, it’s all very now and very future.

Remember when we professed PVC was going to be as huge as tartan or military green this year? Well Nanana have designed a whole collection of office inspired fanny packs, mini crossbodies and IPhone cases in see through PVC. Is it enough to tell you we have seen more them worn by passers-by and expositors than in the actual stand?

Sustainability did meet street style in some innovative and creative ways of we look at Exkite ‘Upcycled Fashion’: guess what their bomber jackets are made of? The actual tech fabric of a kite surf. Merging the passion for this sport of former pro kite surfer Renzo Mancini and designer Eirinn Skrede, EXKITE’s pieces do have a soul: an inside label reports the name of the owner of the kite the fabric comes from. From the sea winds of Sardinia, creativity doesn’t get us more enthusiastic than this.

Drop will open its doors in September as a limited edition sneakers reseller that offers a new interpretation of unique footwear thanks to an app that monitors value, request and demand for each singular and spectacular pair of trainers.

Amongst the big names in street wear we found Adidas, presenting their point of deflection system trainers but nodding to a younger audience: with a little bit of a layouting sense, passers-by could create their own tote bag and print on it live their own Adidas logo arrangement.


We got tempted by any single garment and idea we saw, either in a fashion sense or just on an let’s appreciate good ideas by emerging talents spirit.