Why Rihanna Is Your Self-love/confidence Guru


She has only recently celebrated her 30th birthday, yet Bad Gal Riri has been able to establish all sorts of records: from 230 million records sold worldwide, to more than 60 million Instagram followers and just now her latest record of 2 billion streams on Apple Music, we really don’t know where to start from in convincing you she is one of the most inspirational women and music artists out there.

Check out with us Rihanna’s guide to love yourself

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1) Get an attitude

If you don’t have an attitude, you will always come across as one of those blonde bimbos we don’t even see anymore in the showbiz (don’t worry, Paris Hilton will not take offence to it). Fact is, Rihanna is proud of her attitude, she calls herself Bad Girl for one reason at least. Take this pose, isn’t it kinda ‘No, I don’t give a f$>$>{ ‘

2) Love what you have got

We must admit loving your curves to boost your self esteem levels isn’t a brainchild of the Barbadian singer, but if there’s one immune to how the media speculate on titles such as ‘Rihanna weight gain’ or ‘Rihanna pregnant’ it is her, flaunting her curves in all possible ways. Starting right here with these skin tight black leggings, plunge neck pullover and that belt playing one of the games she loves the most, excess

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3) Vulnerable is good

One of Rihanna’s best quotes goes like this:

To me, it’s tougher to be vulnerable than to be tough.

It doesn’t surprise she often finds it hard to be herself when every single move, inch of flash shown and note sung is under the biased judgement of the media. She’s teaching them she wants to be depicted as vulnerable, not much of a scoop there after all.

4) Boyfriends and pounds, more than numbers

Debatable as this point is, Rihanna is one hard to track when it comes to boyfriends, dates and breakups: if on one side she really seems to have found her soulmate in Drake, on the other she kind of suffers from having  a thing for the yo-yo effect. But do we care about it? Yes, but only because she’s not afraid to get along with it, whatever the size she might be.

For the first time, I don’t want to get rid of the curves. My body is comfortable, it’s not unhealthy, so I’m going to rock with it.

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5) Embrace natural beauty

With her beauty line Fenty Beauty based on the very principle of creating a range of foundations to fit most skin complexions, it is clear how for Rihanna the matter of makeup is about enhancing your natural traits rather than hiding them, is about bringing out the real you and making the most of your unique and distinctive features.

6) Chill out and let go

Not only Fenty does beauty, Fenty is a whole line of athleisure branded by Rihanna in collaboration with Puma: if you check out some of the outfits, you’ll understand how this move is the celebration (and coronation) of a public and artistic image only a music star like Rihanna was able to create. If she isn’t sporty, hot and tough at the same time, who is then?

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7) Learn to dress for your attitude

One of the best ways to show you how easy it is to find clothes in which you feel comfortable in isn’t to show you Rihanna’s Instagram top looks (we will be in a minute), but go bring you one of Rihanna’s outfits she hasn’t styled herself. About this look she says she’s so happy one – a fan –  could find a way to style her the way she feels she is perceived.

8) Oversized is her style, what’s yours?

If Rihanna’s off the stage outfits are a beautiful collection of oversized garments, as this eccentric long fur coat, it doesn’t mean you have to go and fight to get the very same pieces and copy them to perfection. Rihanna should work as your inspo to go and experiment with different styles, as she did with hers.

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9) Now think about this Instagram post from a fan

Rihanna can definitely get it! The only reason we think thick Rihanna is thick
is because skinny Rihanna existed. If there was no skinny Rihanna then thick Rihanna
would just be Rihanna. Right.

10) Femininity is the rule

Attitude, bad and tough, but nothing left to chances when it comes to her feminine side, which is not her vulnerable one, do not misunderstand us.

Now I let my guard down and I’m more comfortable just being myself. That’s exactly what I want to be.