Why the new around the world cruise by Viking is our idea of hell


Even if you don’t suffer from a see sickness there are so many factors we would like you to stop for a second and study before you start to gloat like a dog welcoming his owner at Vikings new 245 day-around-the-world cruise.

We will try to be objective about it.

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It is called Viking Sun and it is the next frontier for all travel enthusiast: or this is what it’s been said at least so far. For us travelling is one of things that allow us to make sense of life. And it will be from this very principle we will like to start from in going through why a $92.000 you will be spending in this around the world cruise isn’t the factor putting us off.

The easy way out putting that flag on the globe map: what is portrayed by Vikings as one of the advantages is actually in our view why we wouldn’t enjoy it so much. OK you get to visit 113 of the ‘world’s greatest cities’. Isn’t waiting in anticipation for those 10 days in Miami, telling all friends, posting about your several countdowns, one of the better ‘pleasure’ you will be depriving yourself of?

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The Viking Ultimate Cruise, set to ship in 2019 on August 31st, does offer anything you can think of, including their Silver Spirits beverage package, including virtually all drinks on board. Which means that if you already have a house and don’t pay for mortgage or rent, you won’t be spending that way more for food, fun, entertainment and anything you normally do to go on with your life.

The things is though: what is the price you would be willing to pay to give up on freedom? Yes, sounds harsh, but to us this is what 245 days onboard of a ship sound like. We don’t know exactly how many people will this Charon captained ship be able to ‘transport’ to on its ‘circle’ around the world: so far around 950 passengers have signed up for it. Are you really willing to spend all that cash on a forced tour, forced to share every single moment of it with people you have never met before, who haven’t probably travelled that much and for how long? 245 days long?

Go to hell

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Book by December 31st and…

All 2019-2020 Viking Ultimate World Cruise Guests will receive:

$4,000 per person shore excursions credit, which can be used toward optional shore excursions or overland tours. $2,000 per person shipboard credit, which can be used toward spa services, onboard shops & beverages.

Now, provided you live in fantasyland where you and your family can just f**** off for almost a year without becoming material for a reality TV show on ‘nomad travelling’ title ‘my crazy year and how it all went wrong’, would you really be able to wait until December 31st for it?

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Considering that applying for Uni is a process that starts a year before you actually enrol, this sounds as if the people on boarddon’t have much going on in their lives, whether they do have a lot of cash or not.

The most expensive vacations we have talked about onD360 share one thing: you will be sleeping in the most luxurious hotels, set in the most breathtaking natural scenarios, kayaking, horse-riding, gliding on a snow mountain and doing the things each one of the countries you visit has to offer.

You’d better not indulge in the last chat with that village fisherman on how cod is made into what you have just eaten, or your very fancy around the world ship may start off without you, leaving you there with all the time in your life to go and eat all the cod you want.

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Then there is the packing dilemma: OK you only pack a suitcase once, but what do you exactly pack for this most luxurious holiday in the world which will take you from Canada to Bermuda in the space of 10 days– we are on their itinerary section.

And what about the staff?

We suppose staff recruited to work on cruise ships do have that awareness they will be spending  very long periods of time away from home. But this time, the clientele will not abandon them after the 7 days of forced ‘let’s all like each other’ social dynamic organised holidays involve.

Can you really imagine how you would on day 244 say Good morning Susan, a deck crew member.

Enthusiasms is not one word for it.