Why you can wear Bermuda shorts only if you are one of these men


They are called Bermuda as that’s where it would be more likely to see them. But we haven’t been looking for them in Bermuda. We have been checking out the Instagram feeds of the best dressed men who populate the hottest luxury villas on some showbiz coast somewhere in in the world.


If Bermuda shorts you must, music stars are the right (and wrong) inspo for you

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They are considered more appropriate in hot subtropical and tropical climates than the typical heavier clothing favoured in Europe. Wikipedia says that, and we do agree there’s a no Bermuda shorts policy in most businesses in Milan, opposed to what is considered as casualwear in Bermuda indeed. But, an off duty uniform does look fun if you can match a pair of khaki shorts with matching trainers and a rather fluid (yes, that kind of fluid) print shirt. Italian top Trappist Ghali definitely has got the physique for this, with his super long legs.

If you want to replicate this fun bermuda shorts combo, you can simply go for the classic palm tree shirt, revived from the 80s, worn over a logo tee. Match it with a pair of stylish trainers and that’s you sorted for the first warm days of summer.

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How not to do Bermuda shorts? Your Bieber fever will definitely wear off if you look at this for more than 5 seconds, we have found a cure. First, those Bermuda shorts are way beyond the possible idea of oversized: we are aware he is got a thing for low crutch trousers, but those huge pockets falling below the knee are just off. Then there’s the sock and sporty slippers. [still looking at the wrapping paper he’s wearing as a shirt?]

Choose shorter ‘shorts’, stick to cuffed hems and enjoy the sun. With this you’ll be OK with your choice, but you are still not sold you will look stylish in shorts? The answer is rather simple: the style you’ll get with denim shirts is as good as the style you already have in you. [sorry Bieber]

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Lobster burger w/ fries from the Waldorf Astoria…

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And that’s why Pharrell Williams really has a thing for men’s summer shorts: he’s got them in all kinds and shapes, prints and fabrics. Why does he look so good in these cheetah print men’s shorts? You go guess what it is that makes this outfit so much more than just ‘acceptable’. What to copy? Block out a fun print on your shorts with total white for anything else you are going to wear, sneakers and socks included.

How about that surfer uniform consisting of a pair of men’s summer shorts (or trunks) and a hooded jumper? Even if you don’t have the surfer’s statuary athleticism, as Pharrell, you can still pull off a hell of an impressive wild outfit.

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You should know where we are going with this. Rappers and hip music artists have a special license to wear all the kinds of men’s shorts they like. If you want to style them like they do, make sure the ‘fun’ piece is limited to one. By the way, wearing pink shorts is one way of announcing the world how fatherhood might be changing you. Playfulness it is.