Winter Wonderland London 2017: the magic of a white Christmas in the city


What is Christmas all about? It’s about getting in with the right spirit to spoil yourself and let your inner child come out to be marvelled by the festive lights of one the best period of the year for most children: at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in London is where the magic of Christmas comes to life. Opening on Friday 17th November at 5, check out with us show to get the best out of 2017 Winter Wonderland.

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Winter Wonderland’s Giant Observation Wheel

If you are not able to hop on Santa’s open sleigh, there’s actually a better way to enjoy the fantastic view of Christmas in London from above: Winter Wonderland’s Giant Observation Wheel. From 60 meter above Hyde Park, the flights – as they are called here – are the ultimate romantic experience and even one of the best things you can do in London to appreciate the unique skyline. Running all day until 21.45, the flight take 12 to 15 minutes and it is possible to book a private or a VIP pod for an ultimate cosy experience

Alpine Après Ski in London? Yes, @ Winter Wonderland

We feel so sorry for those who don’t live near the mountains like our fashionable staff from Milan (1 h 30 min to slopes), but for all Londoners and London goers, Winter Wonderland has come up for 2017 with what will be the top attraction of this Christmas: the Alpine Après Ski. With family or doing some rounds with your mates, take a seat in one of the hütte, a wooden decor drinking room and order a chocolate calzone, or maybe a cocktail to warm up even the chilliest of winters.

Winter Wonderland’s Santa Land

For the perfect Christmas family day out, Santa Land at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London is what you really must plan: visit Santa’s Grotto from 10 am to 6 pm, for free. With plenty of train rides for the little ones (£ 2) and places where to flavour a hot brew and some chocolaty delicatessen, there’s a chance that even mum and dad will enjoy a visit here: don’t forget to nip into Santa’s Toy Factory and pick up your present on your way out.

Winter Wonderland’s New 2017: The Magical Ice Kingdom

Who said that ice sculpturing is a thing of the North Pole only? If you fancy walking through a mesmerizing collection of magical ice creature, Winter Wonderland in London has come up with a brand new attraction for 2017: the Deep Sea Adventure, with the mermaids’ grotto and the octopus battle. At – 10 Celsius, make sure you have dressed accordingly.

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Winter Wonderland’s New Attraction 2017: Cinderella on Ice

We all need a little bit of romanticism at Christmas, and in London things couldn’t get more romantic and sweeter than with the great shows such as Cinderella on Ice: world-class ice-skating plus the amazing settings will give you unforgettable entertainment.  With 18 world class ice-skaters taking part at this Winter Wonderland’s show, thrill is guaranteed thanks to an acrobatic performance.

Winter Wonderland London Opening Times:

10am until 10pm every day, from 18th November until 1st January 2018
Christmas Day closed

What to pack

Why don’t you become the Londoner Queen of the Ice? Wear a warm and glamorous faux fur coat, but styled with comfy trainers for a super cute look, and with a beanie for you street vibe that you can’t go without even at Christmas.