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There are very few fashion garments that can be praised for successfully making it through eras, decades and generations of fashionista with no harm done: women’s shirts are one of those and even though we can’t deny it would pretty impossible to count the existing number of kinds of models, we surely can tell you how much you really need to own several of them, whatever style you are into.

Not only women’s shirt are talented cute outfit makers, but they are also very skilled in flattering most body shapes, highlighting or hiding where it matters. But who is better at wearing them, is it the ladies or the men? Find out with us all the tips and inspo for wearing women shirt in the way you like it best.

Women shirts: how many buttons?

That is a million-dollar question: but to be frank, there isn’t a number that will make you stand out more. Truth is, you can easily spot the feminine fragrance of women’s shirts even when the buttons don’t run all the way down; blouses for women in white cotton are the best example of how little needs of full vertical rows of button there is when all you want to put together is a breezy and practical look.

a summer essential, a boho chic must have to wear on denim shorts.


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Classic with original details

Slipping your arms into the light blue notes of your fave shirt is the easiest fashion gesture you can do on a Saturday morning: but why restraining that to the weekend? Classic button up women’s shirts are redesigned in such new ways these shirts are no longer just part of a look, what ‘you’d wear under a blazer’ so to speak.

Funnel sleeves and beads embroideries make women shirts the real protagonist of a look, any day of the week


Modern twists on women shirts

Obversized or featuring lettering or bold messages, modern women shirts are far from the perfect fit type of shirts women used to wear at the office some decades ago. Wear an overiszed shirt over skinny jeans or a mini skirt, whilst for graphics colours and lettering remember to choose your women shirt outfit according to how corporate the occasion is.


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Top summer trick: the front knot

What is the best way to turn a simple white shirt into the best ally for an essential yet cute look? The front knot! Match a knotted shirt with biker shorts, a denim mini skirt or jeans and the laid-back feminine attitude is all yours.


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Wear a white shirt with a fanny pack

One of the most subtle ways to create a stunning silhouette is to wrap you waist with a fanny pack: wear it high on your waist and choose a type of fanny pack that can suit the rest of the look, stay with mini and leather if you want to wear heels for examples, whilst go for technical and bright colours if you have sneakers on your feet.  This will be the easiest and most contemporary way to rock a women shirt outfit.

Sheer shirt chicness

If you want to master an evening look that stands out for sophistication and utter simplicity you have to learn the art of wearing see through shirts: silk women’s shirts are that understated femininity, that way of dressing up for the occasion looking like no effort was involved.

Match it with this season’s must have, the essential sporty triangle bra and you’ll be fit for your 9pm.

The denim shirt that speaks volumes

If instead you are looking for something hip and fun, go for a vintage effect wash denim shirt, with a clean and relaxed silhouette: what’s the real gamechanger is the star and flames embroideries you’ll be sporting next to your heart on the front pocket.

If you want to turn heads, this is how to do it with style.

Mixing feminine with male traits

The wide sleeves on this women’s shirt are the feminine statement that speaks with male elements such as the classic collar: how to do office wear the young and fresh way with yet extreme simplicity. Weather with denim jeans, depending on how ‘corporate’ your workplace is or with white chino pants with front crease, these delicate stripes will give you plenty of ‘look opportunities’.

White shirt: women wear it better?

OK, but how to do white women’s shirt? If on one side we can picture men’s wardrobes mainly constituted of dozens of white buttoned down shirts, with their clean and pure soul, ironed to perfection, with their cuffs ready to land on their just sprayed deep cologne wrists, on the other we can’t say women’s wardrobe look exactly the same. If you want to start owning a bit of that easy elegance, try with one that does resemble to masculine silhouette, but still offers feminine elements such as a rounded collar and a hidden placket.

Playful cuts

Playing with proportions is also what different cuts of cute shirts for women will allow you to do: if you go for a cropped one that features funnel sleeves you will have your ideal garment to create a focal point around the waist. You could wear it the Gigi’s way, showing sculped abs, or

with a high waisted mini skirt to elongate your silhouette