Worst Christmas gifts ever


It’s not long before that final rush to the shops in search of whatever ‘could do’ as a Christmas present for your beloved ones, including those you love the most and those you just have to learn to cope with and tolerate.

However, there’s a limit to how bad Christmas gifts should go, even if you are just trying not to turn up empty handed at the Christmas work meal.

But wait, why would we tell you what classifies as the worst Christmas gift ever and told you not to do it?. We have a better idea, we’d like to tell you about those times we gave and received some of the worst Christmas gifts ever, for a laugh, so that you to know what you will be risking if you decided not to plan ahead and instead bought  last minute sock fillers.

We know Santa has got all the right info (and sometimes the links to the online product too) to what it is people wish to be gifted at Christmas, and we simply don’t have this type of information available:  that’s not a good enough excuse to let yourself buy some ‘slimming products for Auntie Julie’.

A hotel wind-up call bell

This actually happened. I will admit, I was the one giving it. We all have to migrate somewhere during the Christmas Holidays, which means crushing on someone’s couch or, travelling back in time and having your in-laws serving tea, coffee, sherry, mince pies nonstop. After this Christmas present, you just needed to press on the bell and a cup of tea would already be brewing. One of the worst Christmas present ideas I’ve had, as we now actually end up using the bell not only during Christmas at their house(not sure what the in-laws say about this).


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Massage slippers

Bad Christmas gifts are bad for many reasons, one of them is because we buy things that are not useful at all. And a pair of mono-slippers in fake fur that vibrates as you press a switch on them is not as useful as you’d think.

Feet Mops

These feet mops will be the best buy this Christmas: we can just picture you falling asleep in front of the telly under a plaid blanket and those outrageously ugly things poking out. Worst Christmas gift ever!

A Saint Bernard dog barrel

One of the worst Christmas gifts I have given was a Saint Bernard dog barrel, not a toy one, but actually a little flask in which your beloved ones could ‘store’ few sips of the good stuff. Just in case the journey to the local pub was too long to cope with. It’s as bad as any bad Christmas gifts as you are simply telling your beloved ones that they have a alcohol problem.


They are not a funny Christmas present, or useful (yes, they are, but ‘bread is useful too’) , or offensive: socks are amongst bad Christmas gifts simply because they are utterly boring. Unless you get creative and search for those featuring a particular theme.

A face lotion against oily skin

OK, I get the ‘greasy Italian’ stereotype, but giving someone you love a product that claims to erase part of my DNA and give me Korean skin is one of the worst Christmas gifts ever that I have received. Plus, I tried it, and unexpectedly, it didn’t work.

Bottles of wine

Especially if you are not a wine connoisseur, stay away from giving wine at Christmas: bringing a bottle of wine with you as a gesture of kindness for one of the relatives’ gatherings is OK, but don’t venture in any pricey wine shop if all you have drinking in your life is screw-tops.

If you are into Lego…

this is the worst Christmas ever:

The Christmas sweaters

Does anyone still think of Christmas sweaters as a good idea when it comes to giving something nice to somebody you love? It does only if it means plenty of laughter. So let’s see some of the funny Christmas sweaters first and then some of the most hideous ones for him and for her, and for both of them.

Funny Christmas sweater:


From ‘Single all the Way’

To ‘Jingle My Bells’

Or ‘Jolly AF’,

The array of funny Christmas sweaters is huge, but make sure you know what you are doing. You don’t want grandpa ending up wearing the Jolly AF jumper all through your Christmas meal. Or maybe you do!

Men’s ugly Christmas sweaters are not that hard to master if you think about it. Have you ever seen a nice Christmas sweater? If pine trees, reindeer and all types of Santa you can think of were not enough to make a sweater bad, things like TV series characters as well as rapper’s gestures performed by Jesus are really bad taste. Just don’t.

A sweater that features a pocket to hold a bottle must be the winner in the women’s ugly Christmas sweater category: the runner ups would be all those elves and LED light ones that not even a 5 year old would want to wear for a bit of fun!

And finally couples ugly Christmas sweaters: