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Would you pay over 30$ for an Insta snap?

18.01.2019 | By ELENA LONGARI

The question should be rephrased into something else now taking into account that a picture of an egg is officially the world record holder for most likes on Instagram, with its 38,9 million likes for one post only.

Is this whole Insta this/ Insta that still worth it all? Are still people buying into the becoming an influencer career?

The rise of Instagrammable pop-ups comes as a demonstration of how obsessed with posting anything and everything, including a ‘picture’ that has been perfectly set up for them to give them the thrill, the vague illusion, of being someone online, modern society is.

We will look at how big and insane this market of pop-up Instagrammable exhibitions are and why they should be stopped altogether.


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The Egg House

Speaking of eggs, visitors of The Egg House in New York will never actually reach that much engagement with their posts in striking poses with giant eggs and yellow backdrops and anything eggy shaped props.

One the visitors review it in these words:

Do you really call yourself art? you are no more than a place where people take selfies and pay for it.

You are thinking, families with kids would love that, jumping around in the giant egg pool, but no, it’s a no go: never mind the crowds and the risk of getting your kids injured in the ‘self-proclaimed’ art installations, it’s the lack of air con that will have you regret having spent close to a 100 bucks  for it.


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An experiential installation inspired by ice cream

From eggs to ice cream, this time based in San Francisco, Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Since it opened its doors in 2016, The Ice Cream Museum, founded by Maryellis Bunn, is much more than few props arranged for visitors’ Insta profile performances. Originally priced between $12 and $18, the sensorial experience offered at the MOIC is an overabundance of pink, fragrances, soft shapes: meant to last just a month, the project has unexpectedly gained selling out popularity and keeps on growing, so much so it has turned into an actual museum and lost its pop-up identity. Behind it all a concept that goes beyond the idea of let’s break Instagram, but we bet 50% of visitors wouldn’t spend money on it if they were told they couldn’t post stylish photos.


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The more you see of it, the more you want to go

That’s exactly what the word viral really means in the modern era dictated by social media. The more something is seen and is out there, the more people end up wanting to go there. The equation is easy: the more these exhibitions have an appeal for Instagrammers, the more they will actually end up being snapped for posts and with that more people will see them and close this money making circle in which they all want a piece of it too, in this case, a photo to post in an unrealistic and colourful setting that does not exist anywhere else in the world and might not be there in a few weeks’ time.


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The Candy Shop illusion

There’s more. There’s Candytopia, an ensemble of colossal candyfloss constructions where it is possible to feature in sensational posts immersed in a sea of marshmallows, to say one: opening in Atlanta and Minneapolis soon, this pop up instagrammable experience is also though a place where to organise kids parties as well some sugar based happy hours.


Close to theme parks

It was once called Dream Machine, but now it has closed its doors and turned into Nightmare Machine: based in New York. The concept is of exploring a Halloween themed playground, something similar to Horror theme parks, which you can read more about here. Tickets are $38, and yes, people are not scared of anything, rather trying their best camera bloody shot.


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Avocado affection

Millennials will love this: the CADO, ‘A 6700 sq ft pop-up experience celebrating California’s favorite fruit. First off, did not know avocado is a fruit, other than the fact it goes as ‘avocado pear’. The best though is in this caption, where they admit and accuse pop-up exhibitions of all of the things I have just mentioned:

The CADO is not another selfie museum. It will be photogenic eye-candy AND include experiential learning about food, nutrition, agriculture that you can’t get anywhere else. Plus, it is housed in the largest mobile container structure ever (you’re looking at 1/16 of it!).

To make this possible, organisers are asking future fans (i.e. you) to help funding the buildings.

How is that?


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